Traducción de washing machine en Español:

washing machine

máquina de lavar, n.


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    máquina de lavar femenino
    lavadora femenino
    lavarropas masculino Río de la Plata
    • Oh, just remembered I can't pack as half my clothes are in the washing machine.
    • This may be the background sound of a washing machine or vacuum cleaner.
    • The most popular warranties cover washing machines, dishwashers, televisions and so on.
    • Instead, they're investing the money in washing machines, refrigerators, cars, and houses.
    • There is a door to the utility area and garage, which is plumbed for a washing machine and dryer.
    • They can cost up to half the purchase price of a new washing machine or fridge.
    • Today the clean, cool lines of its refrigerators and washing machines help boost its sales around the world.
    • Also at this level is a spacious utility room with plumbing for a washing machine and dryer.
    • There is plumbing for a dishwasher and a washing machine, and plenty of dining space.
    • She bought so many books that there literally was not room for a washing machine.
    • All other occupants in the hostel have to use a communal laundry room which provides washing machines free of charge and tumble dryers at £1 per use.
    • Previous trips have involved wholesale deliveries of washing machines, bikes, computers, clothes and food.
    • The washing machines could take our entire week's clothes in one go.
    • Due to the poor electricity supply, it is not possible to use either refrigerators or washing machines.
    • Two houses have been rebuilt so far, with Iraqis supplying washing machines, refrigerators and furniture.
    • How would you make the decision between whether to sell the fridge or the washing machine?
    • Beyond this is a small utility room plumed for a washing machine and dryer and a guest bathroom.
    • There's a separate section for metal items, like washing machines, fridges and microwaves.
    • In the days before we all had washing machines people used to send their clothes to a laundry.
    • It launched as an online CD store, but now hawks everything from washing machines to clothing.