Traducción de washing powder en Español:

washing powder

jabón en polvo, n.



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    jabón en polvo masculino
    detergente masculino
    • Officers removed items, allegedly stolen from shops, including boxes of washing powder, packs of lager, toilet rolls, catering size tins of coffee and tea and ‘a huge’ quantity of sweets.
    • Want to assess the market for a new brand of environment-friendly washing powder?
    • The pair tried everything to solve the problem - changing their washing powder, fabric conditioner, deodorants, moisturisers, shower gel and soap, but they couldn't find the culprit.
    • Household goods confiscated by UK customs last year include washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste, condoms and more alarmingly, medicines and foodstuffs such as sweets, chocolate and instant coffee.
    • They don't take up much room in your case and I was told not to use cheap foreign washing powder as it can be too harsh and damage your clothes by making lighter colour bleached patches on them!
    • As members arrived at our March meeting a generous collection of soap, toothbrushes, flannels, sponges, washing powder etc., gradually piled up.
    • The price reductions are on everyday branded products including cereals, coffee, tea, biscuits, juices, sauces, toiletries, cosmetics, washing powder, bottled water and beer.
    • He has been attending drama classes for 18 months and is currently on TV in a safari-style advert for kitchen rolls and washing powder.
    • All the facilities for washing were provided, with the exception of washing powder, which you provided yourself.
    • Then he mailed him a white substance - which turned out to be washing powder.
    • And we were about to run out of washing powder too, but now we have 12.5 kg of environmentally friendly washing powder.
    • Despite having been running around a stage for an hour playing a guitar previously, he was clean and his clothes radiated the smell of washing powder.
    • Furthermore, there's a sliver of irony about the fact that the products we purchase, whether it be shampoo, air freshener or washing powder, are chemicals trying to emulate natural smells, or at least those stereotyped.
    • It might contain spiced tea, dried chillis or washing powder and I'll have no idea until I open it.
    • It affects everything from electrical goods to CDs to food and even washing powder.
    • The women have to pay for their rent, their food and even their washing powder and can be fined £1,000 if they stray off the route to work.
    • But experts have raised concerns that increased levels of toxins in the environment - including in household items like washing powder and mobile phones - could be harmful.
    • Moving on from there… taking some washing powder or one of those stain vanish bars are good because you can wash out little bits of clothing in the sink and then hang them out to dry on a window/on the balcony and wear them the following day.
    • The laundrette woman who spent ages afterwards getting washing powder out of the tumble dryer was not amused.
    • ‘I do my weekly shop in a supermarket and buy washing powder and things like that, but I also go to the specialist shops,’ he said.