Traducción de washtub en Español:


tina de lavar, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑʃˌtəb//ˈwɔʃˌtəb//ˈwɒʃtʌb/


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    tina de lavar femenino
    • I use old plastic nursery cans and cheap plastic washtubs.
    • Lacey quickly opened the door wider allowing them scurry in and empty the steaming buckets in the washtub.
    • ‘We can also use that metal washtub that's near the garage,’ Tommy replied.
    • Tin washtubs, available at most home centers, make great containers for beer and soft drinks.
    • She picked up the two sheets and dragged them over to the washtub before angrily throwing them in.
    • Instead of chairs, there were large metal washtubs that all the present band members had turned over to sit on.
    • Emily was sitting on a chair, next to the washtub, talking to Hannah, who was kneeling at the tub helping a girl bath.
    • You can also achieve this effect by planting moisture lovers, such as cardinal flower and Japanese iris, in a bucket or a washtub or by using heavy polyethylene plastic instead of a pond liner.
    • They do all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry (in old-fashioned washtubs, with no electric dryers).
    • Once Rupert loaded all his cargo into his little washtub, he got directions and a list of houses.
    • Frankly, I think they'll be better off with a clothesline and a washtub…
    • Tanner's thoughts began to tumble around, sloshing together like laundry in a washtub.
    • After all, the band hall was a portable, the chairs were overturned metal washtubs, there was no air conditioning, and now three of the four buses had died.
    • They have a washtub and there is plenty of hot water.
    • Two large washtubs or large gourds are placed next to each other and partially filled with water.
    • The clothes were brought in by the girl with the boy; two men carrying a large washtub and kettles of steaming water accompanied her.
    • When I was young, my mom had washtubs, those cast iron things.
    • Overstuffed pink chairs and a couch rested in one corner, a small kitchenette with a washtub and icebox in another.
    • A bedpan, a urinal, a washtub, a bucket, a table, a bed, the chair by the window… everything was crammed into that small space.
    • If you must use a bathtub, washtub, or kitchen sink to wash screens.