Traducción de wastebasket en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈweɪs(t)ˌbæskət//ˈweɪs(t)bɑːskɪt/



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    • The final section of the show featured a miniature artist's office, with file cabinet, worktable, chair and wastebasket all set out on a funky full-sized work table.
    • He bent over to grab the brown metal wastebasket and brandish it like a shield, making her laugh.
    • Back in the early eighties, one of the maintenance employees asked if I knew how much it cost to line every wastebasket with a plastic bag: $1,200 a year.
    • First, she lines the bottom of a rectangular plastic wastebasket with several thicknesses of black and white newspaper.
    • But I do what I can with the plastic by reusing plastic bags to line the wastebasket and by saving plastic containers for other uses.
    • Brushing crumbs into a wastebasket, Sean started to brew a fresh pot.
    • The test tube still lay on the edge of the sink; she wrapped it and its box in paper towels and unceremoniously chucked them into the wastebasket.
    • Hey, if you need, that wastebasket makes for a handy bucket, you know.
    • He indicated the photo of a really cute guy that was resting at the bottom of her stained glass wastebasket.
    • Glaring at the milk carton Mercy threw the soaked towel of milk into the green tin wastebasket.
    • She took my plate and scraped the food into my wastebasket.
    • After eating her bedtime snack, she put her spoon and glass in the sink that had her dinner dishes, and the empty yogurt container in a nearby wastebasket.
    • Right on the floor by the exit was a small blue wastebasket.
    • The student had her own desk and computer and wastebasket, which they emptied.
    • A hand reached out awkwardly, bumping her elbow against the roll of toilet paper hanging above a plastic green wastebasket.
    • I sighed, dropped the bag into the wastebasket, and tapped my fingers against the marble counter.
    • Simon left, glancing one more time at his discarded cigar in Jim's wastebasket.
    • Drifts of paper - treaty drafts, industry talking points, environmentalist press releases - overflowed every wastebasket.
    • I slipped off my newer skirt and threw it in the laundry basket opposite the wastebasket and began to unbutton my blouse.
    • As Writer #5 watches, Lionel takes the writer's wastebasket, empties it out over his desk, tosses the script in the basket and douses it with gasoline.