Traducción de watch en Español:


reloj, n.

Pronunciación /wɒtʃ//wɑtʃ//wɔtʃ/


  • 1

    (de pulsera/de bolsillo) reloj masculino
    what's the time by your watch? ¿qué hora tienes?
    • before noun watch band / (British) strap correa de reloj
    • Is it coincidence that our generation is infatuated with digital watches and clocks?
    • She pointed to the gold watch on her wrist.
    • Today we calibrate our watches with atomic clocks, but back then there was no timepiece more reliable than the rotating Earth itself.
    • I have stopped wearing watches because time is really painful when you don't have your loved ones with you.
    • He has two watches on his left wrist, one looks expensive and keeps normal time, the other is digital and keeps training time.
    • Digital alarm clocks and watches operate weirdly and are often indecipherable.
    • Later, though, they curse me for being delayed in clocking out when the watches on their wrists clearly show it is time to go.
    • One cannot tell how long it takes him to calm down; the watches and clocks have stopped too.
    • Figuring things could go only one way from there, they immediately stopped their watches.
    • I bought a digital watch for the first time in years because I was so struck with the phenomenon.
    • He used his phone and his watch as an alarm clock, and he slept on an air mattress.
    • He strapped on his watch, so he'd take note of the time all day, and finally reached for his cell phone.
    • I looked at my watch on my wrist and screamed when I saw the time.
    • He pulled his left arm away from her and checked the gleaming silver watch on his wrist.
    • However, clocks and watches suffered from a lack of precision in both operation and standardization.
    • Trent's digital watch beeped moments later, just after the two had finished their breakfasts.
    • Me, I still wear my digital watch every day.
    • He felt around the side table for his watch and strapped it to his arm again before pressing a button on the side.
    • A safe was forced open and a very large quantity of antique gold watches were stolen.
    • They stole necklaces from around the necks of women, watches from around their wrists, money and mobile phones from their bags.
  • 2

    vigilancia femenino
    watch on sth
    • during his watch on the house mientras vigilaba la casa
    • to keep watch hacer guardia
    • to keep watch over sth/sb vigilar algo/a algn
    • I left her to keep watch over the bags la dejé vigilando las maletas
    • to keep a watch on sth/sb vigilar algo/a algn
    • I keep a strict watch on what I eat vigilo mucho lo que como
    • keep a watch (out) for the postman estáte atenta a ver cuándo llega el cartero
    • Some medicines can be used during pregnancy if the doctor keeps a careful watch on the mother.
    • I want to raise one or two other things just as examples to assure the House that I have been keeping a close watch on its concerns.
    • Medical staff are maintaining a close watch on the patient and his family are keeping a constant presence at his bedside.
    • As always he kept a careful watch on David as he poked around the store, Craig had little trust in him.
    • The international community will be keeping a close watch on the results.
    • They kept a vigilant watch at the back but had to be on guard against the counter.
    • Instruction has been given to keep a close watch on the patient and to take necessary preventive measures if necessary.
    • The Ottoman court in Istanbul was clearly keeping a close watch on developments in the western Atlantic.
    • He kept a careful watch on her, knowing it was him who taught her everything she knows.
    • In this case the cargo must be vented twice daily for thirty minutes each period with a careful watch kept on the delivery temperature.
    • Their 24-hour watch and the strict limits imposed on our activities weighed heavily on us.
    • And families will need to keep a close watch on youngsters taking such drugs.
    • The site is heavily contaminated and a 24-hour watch is required to prevent fly tipping.
    • This is one of two or three seats we hope to keep a careful watch on, when we hit the ground running next week!
    • So preoccupied were the bears that they paid no attention to us for the whole duration of our 1,5 hour watch.
    • Umpires must keep a careful watch as to the position of the runners every time an outfielder makes a throw.
    • He must know that the police are keeping a close watch on the area.
    • My husband and I both keep quite a careful watch over what we will have to live on when we retire.
    • He still kept a vigilant watch on him throughout the entire evening.
    • I keep a vigilant watch but did not see any crimes being committed or miscreants around the premises.
  • 3

    • 3.1(period of time)

      guardia femenino
      I took the first watch yo hice la primera guardia
      • it happened on Mr Bloom's watch ocurrió mientras Mr Bloom estaba a cargo

    • 3.2

      (individual) guardia masculino
      (individual) vigía masculino
      (group) guardia femenino
      the officer of the watch el oficial de guardia
      • I believe the steward is about to call the starboard watch to lunch, sir.

    • 3.3(duty)

      to be on watch estar de guardia

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (expression/person) observar
    (person/expression) mirar
    (movie/program/game) mirar
    (movie/program/game) ver
    to watch television ver / mirar televisión
    • now, watch this carefully ahora, miren / observen con atención
    • now watch how an expert does it ahora mira cómo lo hace un experto
    • to watch sb/sth + inf
    • I watched his eyes fill with tears vi como se le llenaban los ojos de lágrimas
    • we watched the children open their presents miramos como los niños abrían sus regalos
    • we watched the sun go down miramos la puesta de sol
    • Serena and I both pulled back, startled, and then watched in awe as they both started laughing.
    • Flowers and wooden curios were thrown onto bonfires as their owners watched in disbelief.
    • He dodged, and then watched in amazement as it bounced off a tree but did not shatter.
    • People just watched all the things I was taking out of my basket.
    • In that 13-second time span, people just watched to see which one will become victorious.
    • The red haired boy was watching in amused silence, and I poked him.
    • Ian and Craig just watched in horror, unable to comprehend what was going on.
    • Lying on the couch watching television, Denise's cordless phone began to ring.
    • The crowd then watched in amazement as he freed himself in six and a half minutes.
    • I watch with thinly veiled amusement as he insistently taps her on the shoulder.
    • We all watched helplessly as the beast flew above us.
    • For a brief moment all the fighting stopped as everyone watched one of the infantry barracks go up in a great ball of fire.
    • As soon as they reached a safe place to stand, everyone stopped and watched her.
    • The match was watched by a crowd of 5,090 and an Oldham player was sent off in the second half.
    • They were sitting side by side on her couch watching reruns of an old show.
    • He watched in fascination as Nero, broken and bandaged, did the same.
    • Greg moved back, watching intently to see what could happen.
    • She was intently watching the television with a broad grin spread across her lively face.
    • My dad and I used to watch the sunrise everyday.
    • As they watched in silence, a pillow suddenly hit Chasity in the face.
  • 2

    • 2.1(keep under observation)

      (house/suspect/sb's movements) vigilar
      we're being watched nos están vigilando
      • a watched kettle / pot never boils el que espera desespera
      • You will probably be assisted on your trip around Libya by a guide and/or a driver and possibly watched over by a man from security.
      • In her youth, Elizabeth had been watched over by her tyrannical father.
      • She felt she knew him, knew him intimately, that he personally protected her and watched over her.
      • Lydia has taken over the bed and is watched over by Eleanor and Libbie.
      • I know they were there for my own protection, but I was sick of being watched over.
      • They were watched over by several hundred police officers, but no incidents were reported.
      • The large swimming pool on the podium roof is watched over by attendants who anticipate your every whim.
      • All the inmates had to be protected and watched over, and any problems that arose would have to be sorted out at once.
      • But this was a public Internet bar that is possibly watched over by Internet security officers.
      • Bicycles are parked in special areas which are watched over by attendants, so your bike doesn't get nicked.
      • Richard, the owner, is on patrol duty and he watches the women protectively.
      • The box, which appeared to be designed for air freight, was also watched over by a uniformed guard.
      • Infants are watched over constantly by their parents, who often take them to the tasks in which they are engaged.
      • A third robber, carrying a firearm, watched over him while the others continued the raid.
      • I watched over her during the long hours of silence in the day, as she lay in bed, moving only when the pain made her seek a fresh position to attempt to relieve it.
      • The staff did their job down to the final detail, as their supervisor watched over them like a warden on an inmate.

    • 2.2(look after)

      (children/luggage) cuidar
      (children/luggage) vigilar

    • 2.3(pay attention to)

      mirar (con atención)
      watch what you're doing! ¡mira lo que haces!
      • watch the road! ¡mira la carretera!
      • investors are watching the situation with interest los inversores están siguiendo la situación muy de cerca
      • People all over the world are closely watching what is happening.
      • Quebec First Nation leaders were watching the court decision closely, as were leaders across the country.
      • Personally, I'm not terribly shocked by any of this yet, but I'll be watching the fall-out with interest.
      • So news of his consultations with the Chinese leadership was closely watched.
      • It's going to be interesting to watch her development this summer in Golden.
      • Of course, no one watching the process closely ever expected anything different.
      • We will be watching them very closely as we value our green open land and believe this could be phase two of the development.
      • We'll be watching that report and watching that decision as closely as we can, reading through it.
      • So they will be watching very closely what the United States and other parties do.
      • The South African government is watching developments in Zimbabwe closely.
      • Members of the anti-war movement should be watching these developments closely.
      • Party leaders should realize that people are closely watching the politicians.
      • No doubt other schools will be watching the results with interest.
      • The developments in Germany are closely watched by experts in the Netherlands.
      • No Broadway or Hollywood actor, singer, or dancer worth watching escaped his pen.
      • And I'm watching very closely to see if that's a real worry.
      • Big food firms are watching developments with keen interest.
      • As such, the inflationary situation needs to be watched closely and there could be no room for complacency on this count.
      • Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, is watching events with particular interest.
      • A spokesman said it was watching developments with interest.

  • 3

    (be careful of)
    (diet/weight) vigilar
    (diet/weight) tener cuidado con
    we'll have to watch what we spend tendremos que mirar (mucho) lo que gastamos
    • watch what you say ten cuidado con lo que dices
    • you've got to watch her tienes que andarte con cuidado con ella
    • watch yourself on that ladder! ¡cuidado, no te vayas a caer de la escalera!
    • watch your head! ¡cuidado con la cabeza!
    • watch how you go! ¡ve con cuidado!
    • watch they give you the right change fíjate que te den bien el cambio
    • watch it! ¡ojo!
    • Your mom is skinny like you and you always complain how she watches her diet so she doesn't gain weight.
    • I should watch out though, after a few days of nerves I'm suddenly filled with a good feeling.
    • In the end, I didn't want to spend the rest of my life watching my diet, taking supplements, having tests.
    • Retailers in Kingston selling fireworks to underage youths in the run up to Guy Fawkes night had better watch out.
    • Fans of the cards are being warned to watch out after two York youngsters bought cards on a trip to the seaside which turned out to be fakes.
    • But he warned pranksters to watch out as the fire service was taking action to cut figures by a further five per cent each year.
    • This means you must really watch your diet and you must also train weights so that you look lean and cut as much as possible.
    • Health and physical energy is good but you need to take frequent breaks and watch your diet and fitness routines.
    • We see him speaking with Budd, trying to convince him to watch out.
    • So to all other bloggers out there: next time you're in a service station, watch out!
    • There aren't many people who have extra weight that workout/exercise regularly and watch their intake.
    • During one such meeting, the residents are warned that their house servants may be spies and to watch out.
    • If you start watching your diet along with exercising, you're sure to see changes in your figure.
    • She also provides advice for patients with medical conditions who have to watch their diet.
    • They have begun to watch their diet by restricting the amount of fat they eat.
    • Nancy at times, when he got a little hefty would watch his diet.
    • She kept her body slim and healthy with regular exercise and watching the amount of food she ate.
    • The athletes were instructed to watch their diet and abstain from the debilitations of sex.
    • Despite good health, you need to take frequent breaks at work and watch your diet and fitness routines.
    • I have been drinking it ever since, in addition to watching my diet and cutting out shellfish.
    • Be sure to watch your diet, the following nutrition tips might help reduce the problems.
    • We'd suggest Lisa checks her locks and tells her friends to watch out.
    • They have to watch out and be really careful.
    • She says she also watched her diet and took milk thistle, and that she continues those practices today.
    • When I first moved out here I lost a bunch of weight by biking to work and watching my diet.
    • The journey would take me many days, perhaps weeks, and I would have to be careful to watch my timing.
    • You need to watch the diet and, he says wryly, this is one publican that only rarely gets a chance to have a few pints.
    • Although I watched my diet and ate healthfully, I never deprived myself of any foods.
    • He stays away from heavy weights - typically, 35 pounds per arm is his max - watches his diet and is in the gym nearly every day.
    • Which are two things we usually tend to do both of, so we'll have to watch out.
    • Those doing sedentary jobs watch out - you are eating more calories than you expend during the day.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(look on)

      we watched carefully as she did it miramos con atención mientras lo hacía
      • the whole country watched as the events unfolded la nación entera siguió el desarrollo de los acontecimientos

    • 1.2(pay attention)

      prestar atención

    • 1.3to watch for(wait for)

      to watch for sth/sb esperar algo/a algn
      • to watch for sb/sth to + inf esperar a que algn/algo + subj
      • he was watching for the lights to change estaba esperando a que cambiara el semáforo

  • 2literario

    (keep vigil)