Traducción de water-repellent en Español:


impermeabilizado, adj.


Pronunciación ///ˈwɔdər rəˌpɛlənt/


  • 1

    (fabric) impermeabilizado
    (fabric) hidrófugo
    (finish) impermeable
    • Because they are water-repellent, they are used as insulating varnish on electric motors and for high temperature greases and lubricants.
    • It was noted that the contact surface of the tarsi of the beetle Hemisphaerota cyanea (Chrysomelidae, Cassidinae) is water-repellent.
    • It comes in a sleek microfiber bag that is also water-repellent.
    • That may be achieved by locating the nest in such a way that it does not get wet, or by protecting the inner insulating material with a water-repellent outer layer.
    • When you do expose your skin, give it a good coating of a water-repellent sunscreen first.
    • At the time, the only existing standards were for water-repellent fabrics under prolonged exposure or materials subjected to liquid under pressure - these were not suitable.
    • They're very tough and soaked in paraffin, like English Barbour coats, so they're very water-repellent and won't snag on thorns.
    • This water-repellent jacket features an interior stash pocket, hand-warmer pockets and no-snag zipper.
    • By now most of our soils are so dry they've become water-repellent and what little rain we've received has barely penetrated the surface.
    • Multi-layer microfibres, resin and rubber coated cotton are available in a line of water-repellent jackets.
    • Their white coats ensure excellent camouflage against the snow and are water-repellent.
    • To the contrary, caribou underfur (like caribou skin in general) is not waterproof or water-repellent: moisture penetrates it easily.
    • Both butterfat and frog wax owe their water-repellent properties to organic compounds called lipids - the key components of the water barriers present in a variety of plants, arthropods, and vertebrates.
    • The rough winters of Norway nurtured the forest cat's vitality, resourcefulness and sensible, semi-long, water-repellent coat.
    • And a number of other companies have their own proprietary insulation and water-repellent or wind-repellent fabrics.
    • Silicone rubber is the ideal sealant for kitchens and bathrooms, as it is non-toxic and water-repellent.
    • He used a flat limestone on which the design was drawn with a water-repellent, greasy substance like a crayon.