Traducción de water butt en Español:

water butt

barril, n.


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    (para recoger el agua de la lluvia) barril masculino
    • Garden advice includes using a water butt to collect spring showers, considering drought resistant plants and avoiding sprinklers, which use as much in an hour as a family of four in a day.
    • Invest in a water butt to collect rainwater for use in the garden.
    • With the arrival of her new wheelie bin, she is already planning to turn her four redundant dustbins into water butts, flower containers and other garden features.
    • They can be reused for home composting, as a water butt or to restore recyclables in.
    • Thames Water is urging residents to make the most of April's heavy showers by installing a water butt in the garden in readiness for summer dry spells.
    • But if meters are being put in affordable homes then other measures must be put in so water can be recycled, such as water butts.
    • I also emptied the bucket catching the drips from the new water butt onto the tomatoes, which were badly in need of watering.
    • You can buy diverters that cost less than £5, which will channel water from a downpipe to a water butt or hose.
    • ‘We have water butts on the downpipes front and back,’ he says.
    • I also managed to connect the water butts together with this brilliant set of tube and washers that James' dad suggested we get.
    • In my small garden I have three compost bins and two water butts so I do not lack facilities to dispose of vegetable waste, merely space to accommodate an unwanted bin.
    • When you get to Umbria, you should check the standing water including water butts and drains if possible, and if you spot any larvae, arrange for the area to be treated.
    • I'm going to invest in some hose and a drip irrigation system for the tubs and troughs, but I'm also thinking that it might be worth getting a water butt.
    • Finally, whatever happened to the old-fashioned wooden water butt?
    • Rainwater collected in water butts has also been used and a pond has been built which is already home to a group of toads.
    • She was all for me filling and refilling the watering can from the water butt.
    • I'd drunk from streams or water butts, not a very sensible thing to do, but when you're fighting, you don't think of sensible things.