Traducción de water closet en Español:

water closet

inodoro, n.



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    inodoro masculino formal
    wáter masculino
    váter masculino España
    • The door to the water closet was located to the right, fairly close to the stairs leading to the second floor.
    • Life would stir and release its shadows, as we rolled from our bunks and hobbled to the water closet.
    • I simply was checking the new pipes for the water closet down the hallway.
    • Cal chooses to climb another two flights of stairs to relieve himself in a dimly lit water closet at the farthest corner of the building.
    • Because the couple had decided to add a new master bedroom onto their house, the existing bedroom space and an adjacent water closet were transformed into a multifunctional master bath.
    • Taro laughed and then skirted around the edge of the dance floor toward the public water closet.
    • In all, there were four rooms, a kitchenette, the storm cellar and a water closet.
    • That's an awful amount of time to be locked up in the water closet, not to mention the effect on your health!
    • I was unimpressed by the bathroom, a one-room water closet with no real class.
    • Grumbling, Jocelyn quickly slipped through the window into an empty water closet, keeping her back exposed as little as possible.
    • In the water closet she inspected the globe on the small lamp cleated to the wall.
    • Justy studied them a moment while Amanda went through a side door and found a small water closet that contained an all-species toilet with a small sink.
    • Her trepidation at being alone and vulnerable in a strange man's water closet is nothing short of hilarious.
    • One of the single parents, in a flat shared with males, felt compelled to restrict her use of the communal water closet to early morning and last thing at night.
    • He said 158 of the homes showed signs of dampness, and 76 had no separate water closet.