Traducción de water slide en Español:

water slide

tobogán acuático, n.


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    tobogán acuático masculino
    • There could be safe amusements such as water slides.
    • The water slide was a firm favourite with children and teachers alike again this year.
    • Micah and Jake chose to resume their surfing, while Derek, Nick, and I ventured over to the enormous swimming pool and explored the many water slides.
    • It takes its name from the life-sized shipwreck centrepiece containing a 150 ft-long water slide.
    • Swimming pools, diving boards, wave making machines, water slides and many other attractions were on offer on the night.
    • There are three swimming pools, a 54-meter water slide and a swimming lagoon with a man-made white sandy beach.
    • The final water area is a landing zone for two 25-foot water slides.
    • Heavy beams had fallen on the park's twisting water slide.
    • On Thursday, 57 children were in for a great treat as they set off The National Aquatic Centre in Dublin, for an exhilarating day of rushing down water slides, swimming in the rapid river and trying their hand at surfing a wave!
    • We walked over to the line for the water slide and stood there together.
    • Two years from completion, 25 per cent of the complex is already open, including a multimillion-dollar outdoor pool area, complete with water slide, lazy river, and sunbathing and outdoor eating areas.
    • It has safe beaches, pools with water slides, and hot tubs designed for children.
    • It felt like slipping down a powerful water slide, bouncing left and right.
    • Wisconsin's indoor and outdoor water theme parks draw families from the United States and abroad to slip and slide away in the world's largest water slides.
    • In the water park section of the same place, one of the water slides was shaped like a dragon and when you slide out, you slide out of the dragon's mouth.
    • Furthermore, the facility provides an indoor and outdoor aquatics center complete with two-story water slides, children's play areas, large lap pool, whirlpools and a full-service outdoor bistro.
    • There will be a large clubhouse, a grocery store, movie theatre, games room, fitness centre and an aquatic centre with water slides and other outdoor recreational activities.
    • Each is centred on a vast transparent dome housing swimming pools, water slides and Jacuzzis and set at a balmy 84 degrees.
    • Right after we stepped into the portal it felt like we were going down some weird water slide.
    • Seconds later, he's speeding down a water slide, screaming like a child.