Traducción de water tower en Español:

water tower

depósito de agua, n.


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    depósito de agua masculino
    • If the chemistry department plans are approved the demolition of the existing single-storey building, along with the neighbouring water tower, could start this autumn.
    • The base station, which will provide mobile coverage for the town, is being installed at the water tower in Wirraway Ave, Evans Head - just metres from the backyards of some local residents.
    • Years ago, this was the water tower for the old Brook Hospital in Woolwich.
    • Incidentally, the ornate round structure next door is a water tower built precisely a century ago.
    • Right next to it was a water tower, a water tower that supplied the whole town of Barken.
    • Residents in several Sandton suburbs can expect month-long interruptions to their water supply, from Monday 28 July to Saturday 30 August, while the Illovo water tower is repaired.
    • It is not a water tower it is accommodation giving splendid views across the Wharfe Valley.
    • An appeal is set to be made after plans to demolish an eyesore water tower were rejected.
    • Generally by the time you leave one place, you'll already be able to see the water tower and grain elevator of the next hamlet rising above the fields in the distance.
    • If you're keen to go, meet in the car park on City View Drive near the water tower at 6: 45 pm.
    • The town water tower has a faded painting of the Man of Steel emblazoned on it; several stores have life-sized headless Superman cut-outs that you can pose behind if you're skinny enough.
    • The impressive water tower, built in 1889, is 42.5 metres high.
    • He said the latest discovery could also be linked to Whychurch village, which existed to the north east of Malmesbury, near the water tower and the village of Milbourne.
    • There was a much earlier mill in Acomb (a little beyond where the Holgate water tower now stands) but the last recorded existence of this was in 1618.
    • Still standing are the gates at the Marist convent he made as well as the step ladder at the old water tower beside North Connacht College at Connolly Park.
    • It met a fiery end on the night of September 11, 1957 and with very little ceremony was knocked to the ground, to be replaced by a water tower instead.
    • After several pages, the reader learns the location of these landscapes - they are taken from a water tower in Kenya, looking east towards the Somali border.
    • The old water tower, for so long a landmark in Connolly Park in front of the entrance to North Connacht College, has finally bitten the dust.
    • To ensure better supply for next time and pressured by insurance companies who threatened to raise their rates if something wasn't done, the building of a water tower was proposed by the town fathers.
    • Residents fighting proposals to build mobile phone masts on a former water tower have won crucial backing.