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water vole

campañol, n.


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    campañol masculino
    ratón de agua masculino
    • Female mink are also easily able to fit into a water vole's burrows.
    • If other ‘non-target’ animals become trapped, such as water vole or polecats, they are released unharmed.
    • They are creatures of habit and prefer the odd water vole or sparrow any day to a lamb that is half its size.
    • The water vole, whose numbers have been steadily diminishing over the years, was previously believed to be fond of just lowland habitats.
    • You can help save Britain's fastest declining mammal - the water vole - in Richmond on Sunday.
    • She said the pond would support a variety of species, including the nationally protected great crested newt and water vole.
    • There is now rather compelling data that one of the factors leading to the demise of the water vole is indeed the influence of this imported alien species, the American mink.
    • Many people mistake the endangered water vole for the brown rat and accidentally poison them or disturb their burrows.
    • They were immortalised as Ratty in Kenneth Grahame's classic The Wind in the Willows - and now a campaign is under way to save the water vole, which has become a fast declining mammal in Yorkshire.
    • This part of the National Park is home to some of the rarest creatures in the country such as adders, otters, goshawks and water vole.
    • The water vole is one of Britain's most threatened species and a national survey has found that the numbers have dropped from 8 million to 750,000, although Wiltshire is bucking the national trend.
    • The water vole, pictured, was once a familiar sight on English waterways and ponds but its decline has been one of the most catastrophic of any British mammal this century and its widespread survival is seriously threatened.
    • Rats have quite large ears unlike voles, so Ratty is in fact a water vole not a rat.
    • A huge decline in the number of Britain's native mammals - such as the water vole and dormouse - has led to the launch of a new organisation which is seeking the support of animal-lovers to help to save our furry friends.
    • The Rochdale Canal is home to a wide variety of plants and endangered species, such as the water vole, the great crested newt and the white-clawed crayfish, which need urgent help if they are to survive.
    • Efforts in recent years to clean up urban canals and rivers are thought to have encouraged rare and endangered species such as the water vole back into towns and cities but little precise data exists to judge the success of the efforts.
    • Last year, it was also discovered that the site has a thriving population of the endangered water vole due to the rank grass which provides ideal protection and a source of food.
    • As a result a very rare species of water vole will be protected while the business park is being built.
    • The water vole, fast heading for extinction in Britain, can still be found at Clifton Ings in York, according to an environmental group.
    • The other, a type of water vole, wasn't present before 500,000 years ago.