Traducción de water wings en Español:

water wings

flotadores, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    (que se colocan en los brazos) flotadores masculino
    • ‘I think we have some water wings around here somewhere,’ he went on.
    • Home I went seeing as I didn't have my water wings with me.
    • I should have been watching them closer; I should have seen him take off his water wings.
    • It was the motorcycle equivalent of water wings.
    • She and Troy were off running right away, but not before I managed to get some water wings on Troy.
    • He could be in the deep end of the pool without his water wings.
    • The first item I included, I confess, wasn't the most practical thing in the world: a pair of water wings!
    • Floatation devices such as water wings and inflatable rings are extremely popular with children, but it should always be remembered that these are not life saving devices.
    • Even If I fail, maybe I can at least make enough to invest in some water wings and escape to some Caribbean island, preferably one devoid of skeletons, pirates, or skeleton pirates.
    • The three adults who were there for repetitive lengths rather than jumping about in water wings had organised themselves into the farside.
    • And remember, inflatable inner tubes and those water wings are not safety devices.
    • Later, they start throwing the balls at the ‘big kids,’ who have somehow managed to fit the tiny water wings on their arms and legs.