Traducción de watering place en Español:

watering place

abrevadero, n.


  • 1

    (watering hole)
    abrevadero masculino
    bebedero masculino
    • Meanwhile, however, as they cleared the land and created and improved watering places for livestock, the settlers enabled the roos to multiply exponentially.
    • For many centuries this was the last watering place for cattle and sheep being driven to York cattle market from as far away as Helmsley and was in use until the mid-20th century.
    • In the 18th century it was an important watering place for cattle and horses along the busy London to Brighton Road.
    • An open gutter through the middle of a field causes great waste of land but we must have watering places for the cattle.
    • Environmental evidence suggests the site was once a series of ponds used as a watering place, although it is unclear whether the mammoths died of natural causes and were later scavenged, or were killed by Neanderthal hunters.
    • The only way to develop an understanding of natural watering places - and a respect for their dangers - is to experience them.
    • They drank at watering places, grazed or just stood in herds.
    • They say that the site was probably a series of ponds used as a watering place by both Neanderthals and animals.