Traducción de waterspout en Español:


tromba, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɑdərˌspaʊt//ˈwɔːtəspaʊt//ˈwɔdərˌspaʊt/


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    tromba femenino
    • Huge eddies pulled the waves into massive waterspouts that devoured the flotsam and survivors on the river.
    • It created an inverted waterspout that ripped a hole in the roof.
    • The waterspout churned across the river, and I saw waves ten feet high pound the marina when the rope got to within a few hundred feet of it.
    • When, for example, the ship comes upon a waterspout the ‘width of a tree trunk,’ Mr. Banks is unimpressed.
    • It was actually a waterspout, but I had never seen one before and wasn't too concerned about this destination.
    • Marlborough then ploughed out into the stormy Mediterranean and passed the rest of the Task Group, her arrival at the Cyprus training grounds being heralded by a severe electrical storm and waterspouts.
    • Two waterspouts churned their way through Biscayne Bay in the Miami area.
    • Tornadic thunderstorms can also produce waterspouts and downbursts.
    • Technically, it was a waterspout, not a tornado.
    • This afternoon in Santa Monica, or off the coast of Santa Monica, a waterspout formed over the Pacific Ocean.
    • The boats battled hazards that included monstrous waves, icebergs, and storms - even waterspouts with winds of up to 60 knots.
    • Where there were once waterspouts, now there are dust storms.
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    canalón masculino