Traducción de wave power en Español:

wave power

energía mareomotriz, n.


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    energía mareomotriz femenino
    • Wave power is a much more promising line of investigation than wind power and we should hang on until that becomes a feasible proposition and concentrate on energy saving meanwhile.
    • The pressure on the landscape could be relieved if wind power follows wave power out to the ocean.
    • Although wave power is unproven as a commercial large-scale generation source, several development companies, including Scottish-based firms, are involved in trials of systems.
    • The world's first commercial wave-power plant, on the island of Islay, produces electricity for 400 homes and is already being studied by other EU countries.
    • Scotland has been urged to lead the way on finding new ways to make electricity, most obviously by harnessing our own natural wind and wave power.
    • But developments in hydrogen production using solar, wind and wave power, give hope of breakthrough within a decade or two.
    • Wave power is still in its infancy, but it is far less controversial than the wind farms that are springing up around Britain.
    • Such a move would be seen as a significant boost to Scotland's bid to become a world leader in the development and commercialisation of wave power.
    • Harnessing both offshore wind and wave power could provide at least 15 per cent of the total carbon savings required to meet the UK's 2050 targets, analysts found.
    • One way this might be done is by increasing the proportion of energy we get from low-carbon renewable sources: wind, solar and wave power, in particular.
    • Stromness has been chosen as a test site for wave power in Scotland.
    • Shell is investing in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind power and wave power.
    • How does the cost of electricity generated through wave power compare to coal or other renewables like solar or wind?
    • Didn't they know about solar, wind and wave power? '
    • Industry supporters have claimed wave-power could become as significant as the offshore industry has been to Scotland.
    • Scotland is surrounded by the North Sea, offering fish, oil and natural gas, and potentially tidal and wave power.
    • More support is needed for newer technologies, such as wave power, and for energy conservation.
    • The surge pushed the water right over the sandbanks and gave the waves power.
    • Considerable interest in wave power in the the 1970s and 1980s was triggered by an oil crisis but many of the designs produced were never made.
    • He strongly supported renewable energy development, both by lowering foreign solar manufacturers and wind companies to Oregon and by supporting emergent technologies like wave power.