Traducción de wavy en Español:


ondulado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈweɪvi//ˈweɪvi/

adjetivowavier, waviest

  • 1

    • I kind of hoped that, as the box grew and plumped out, the line would appear to be less wavy.
    • Her wavy brown hair was unkempt as always, and her attire consistently disheveled.
    • Her wavy brown hair was messy, tangled, and pulled into a sloppy ponytail at the nape of her neck.
    • Her hair, which had been taken out of its braids, lay in wavy locks on her shoulders.
    • The spot may be rounded or have a wavy shape and not really enclosing any area.
    • He tilted his head lightly to the side, his wavy blonde locks falling sideways from his eyes.
    • The reflection pattern is parallel and slightly wavy in the lower part, and becomes increasingly varied in the upper part.
    • Also strange, wavy lines called shadow bands can be seen on the Earth's surface.
    • The walls were no longer plain stone, but now had several wavy carvings along the middle.
    • The reflection of himself was somewhat distorted by the inevitable wavy bumps of the even surface.
    • No matter how neatly he combed it, the wavy strands kept sticking out in all directions.
    • It made me sick as he ran a hand through her long wavy locks, pressing his lips against hers.
    • If the patient is shown graph paper the squares may look distorted and the lines wavy.
    • Even seabirds that dive into the jungle of wavy fronds must now look for food elsewhere.
    • There were wall hangings on all four walls, with wavy blue and green patterns racing their way down to the floor.
    • The floor has to be corrugated, wavy like a barn roof to make it strong since the floor is not bolted to a frame.
    • Juveniles are pale with wavy dark bands and sometimes peppered with small dark spots.
    • Suppose one wants intimate contact between an elastic solid and a wavy surface.
    • At the top of them, two wavy pink ribbons hung down to the sides of her eyes.
    • The shell has wavy walls, smooth to the touch and in multiple colours like broken glass.