Traducción de waxwork en Español:


figura de cera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwakswəːk//ˈwæksˌwərk/


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    figura de cera femenino
    • He looked like a Russian waxwork, but wasn't as large in the flesh as you'd imagine.
    • Numerous small theatres throughout Salem re-enact episodes from the witch trial hysteria while waxwork displays in creepy dungeons capture the key moments.
    • In a row of glass cases, waxwork tableaux of Victorian surgeons are shown lopping off limbs while their patients are forcibly restrained.
    • Yes, the new Robbie Williams waxwork is just like the real thing.
    • Not many people can boast of having their own waxwork in a museum, but New Addington resident Nan Jenkins is just one person immortalised in the Lifetimes exhibition.
    • Visitors to Madame Tussaud's are impressed with how eerily lifelike the new Robbie Williams waxwork looks.
    • It's there in the lyrics of Christina Aguilera, the styling of Britney Spears and even the poses of mannequins in Madame Tussaud's (where a waxwork of Kylie Minogue depicts her on all fours with her bottom poking into the air).
    • One third of the waxworks in the exhibition hall have been damaged because of years of being touched or climbed upon by visitors.
    • The singer was speaking at the unveiling of a waxwork model of himself at Madam Tussaud's in London.
    • The game show hostess with the acid tongue was ‘delighted’ at her inclusion in the original London exhibition - and even provided one of her TV outfits for the waxwork, which it still wears.
    • Here is the story of Kaiser Wilhelm's holiday in a small Welsh spa town shortly before the outbreak of the Great War, and of the Welsh waxwork museum largely peopled by countless effigies of Prince Philip discarded by Madame Tussaud's.
    • Ms Ni, a representative of the hall, told the Youth Daily that the cost of repairing dozens of damaged waxworks was extremely high as each wax figure was worth 80,000 yuan.
    • Britney Spears will give a deliberately dull performance when Madame Tussaud's museum unveils a new waxwork of the pop starlet as part of a new collection.
    • And now we have a Robbie Williams waxwork that has ‘real chest hair’ and ‘a twinkle in his eye, activated with hidden sensors’.
    • The couple will have to hold their pose for up to three hours while they are studied for the waxwork figures.
    • Going to investigate, we're confronted with a man in a bowler hat and suit sitting at a keyboard looking rather like a waxwork.
    • Unrecognizable under layers of garish makeup, Voight at times looks like a moving, talking waxwork.