Traducción de wayfaring en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈweɪˌfɛrɪŋ//ˈweɪˌfɛːrɪŋ/



  • 1

    (minstrel) que va de pueblo en pueblo
    (instincts) de viajero
    (family) viajero
    (family) de viajeros
    • Get out and go inside-any wayfaring stranger is welcome here of a Sunday morning, rain or shine.
    • I am a weary wayfaring stranger.
    • His duty was to receive the stranger or the wayfaring poor, and conduct them to the hospice of guest-chamber.
    • Government designs statutes that gently steer the wayfaring press away from trampling on individual privacy.
    • One might say that this wayfaring lad is a nephew of the wanderer in Schubert's Winter Journey '.
    • The title track, " I am a poor wayfaring stranger ", in particular is beautiful, his sensitive use of single strings recalling Luciano Berio's economical folksong arrangements.
    • Grace Ruga was 20 years old and seven months pregnant that day in June when the wayfaring kittens arrived at her condo.
    • We had, as a tribe, sat in a circle and told the harrowing stories of our wayfaring members and I think we would never be the same.