Traducción de weakly en Español:


con voz débil, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈwikli//ˈwiːkli/


  • 1

    (say) con voz débil
    (say) débilmente
    the sun shone weakly through the branches la débil luz del sol se filtraba por entre las ramas
    • he struggled weakly and then gave in se rindió sin apenas oponer resistencia
    • He cries weakly, the effort clearly straining his feeble body.
    • She stood up weakly, testing out her strength to find that she hardly had any left.
    • I smile weakly and am forced to stand as the boat heads back home.
    • His other arm held her remaining hand to the wall also, and she writhed, kicking weakly at him.
    • He turned for the door and she leaned against the table weakly.
    • She weakly summoned the strength to murmur a goodbye, and then hung up.
    • I hung the receiver back on the wall and leaned against the fridge weakly.
    • A flickering light bounced weakly on the tiled brick of the sewer walls.
    • She weakly grasped the lapels on his jacket and sobbed quietly into his chest.
    • And then he held out his hand and the old man took it and shook it weakly.
    • Ibis looked at her companion, completely stunned, and leaned against a building wall weakly.
    • Jason walked around the corner; his best friend was feebly holding onto the stall door, smiling weakly at him.
    • Democrats have weakly supported a change in how we deal with the energy issue, but some Republicans are now beginning to pick up on the issue.
    • Lying among bandages and tubes, she moaned weakly, rubbing her forehead with her one free hand and trying to pull the tubes away from her nose.
    • However, close analysis suggests sizeable minorities of students are performing weakly in both reading and maths.
    • He laughed weakly, leaning against the metal bar, trying to sound normal.
    • When he let go, Carrie smiled weakly, as the force of the hug had taken a lot out of her, and opened her sketchbook to work on a drawing.
    • Holly pointed weakly at the wall, her legs trembling with fear.
    • I look at Bren and she smiles weakly before taking a seat next to the wall.
    • Candice gathered all of her strength and ducked under his arms and weakly tried to open the door.
    • This effect, however, is thought to be only weakly dependent on cholesterol concentration.
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    mostrando gran debilidad