Traducción de weariness en Español:


cansancio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪərɪnɪs//ˈwɪrinəs/


  • 1

    cansancio masculino
    fatiga femenino
    (mental) hastío masculino
    • This time, I've not been sleeping from weariness.
    • Moreover, until the Ukrainian doctors diagnosed food poisoning we thought it was just weariness, resulting from his endless tours, rallies and meetings with people.
    • While others complain of weariness, this team are more vivacious than ever.
    • His breathing was rapid and shallow and the sorrow and weariness in his eyes were very apparent.
    • Her voice hoarse, she conceded some weariness from the lengthy campaign, saying her decision to take off the Easter weekend had only allowed exhaustion to set in.
    • I went into the office to find the offender, and saw a worried woman crumpled in a chair in the corner, wearing a look of weariness and doubt.
    • It was in moments like these that he felt his full age and more, the euphoria of command replaced by a lethargic weariness.
    • Excessive breathing of fumes causes headache, weariness, and irritation of the nose and throat.
    • All her weariness left her, all her sadness and bitterness were gone, sorrow was far behind her.
    • So with her busy schedule, my busy schedule and her general sense of weariness I told her to take an entire week off.
    • Only her slightly erratic movements and an obvious weariness remind you that for the past 25 years she has suffered from Parkinson's disease.
    • Rogers, Henderson and Nattiel all were in on that play and, by that point in the game, were fighting weariness.
    • It is claimed, probably incorrectly, that in social environments yawning and weariness are due to an accumulation of carbon dioxide.
    • Virtually worn out by the life he has led, there is a weariness in his character's every movement.
    • Even at the end of a particularly exhausting day of training Valery can make the others forget their weariness.
    • Arsenal shook off their recent weariness to force Chelsea aside in this sixth-round replay.
    • But I was overcome with weariness, and so I went to bed.
    • He ran a hand through his unkempt dark hair with undisguised weariness.
    • However, as weariness set in, Leeds hit a late treble to finish the game.
    • My weariness was exacerbated by the cold chill of the air conditioning and the low lighting of the hotel room.