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transmisión por Internet, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɛbkɑːst//ˈwɛbˌkæst/


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    transmisión por Internet femenino
    retransmisión por Internet femenino España
    • Last week I watched the webcast of Bill Gates speaking at the RSA conference in San Francisco.
    • Watch this historic moment through a live video webcast from our U.S. offices.
    • Their commentary will also be shown on a projector screen at the event and on the webcast.
    • There have been live webcasts of Switzerland's two houses of parliament since March 1999, with up to 10,000 internet viewers per week.
    • A webcast of the event will be available starting on April 25.
    • The BBC website warns that the webcast may be intermittent, which is barely surprising.
    • Traditional broadcasters, with a live webcast of their output, were joined by new internet-based stations.
    • After all, if you wanted to experience culture on a computer screen, you could sit at home or school or in the library, just as thousands do when the Natural History Museum broadcasts live webcasts every Friday afternoon.
    • CD-Roms, video tapes, multimedia events and live webcasts are all part of the package when it comes to capturing the public's attention.
    • A link to a webcast of the event will be posted here.
    • The technology is familiar to anyone who has ever been to a stadium gig or watched an internet webcast, and the movement is simple, stylised and theatrical.
    • Those who couldn't squeeze into the hall could hear the lecture blasted across the campus on speakers, or go home and view the live webcast.
    • Once you register, which costs thirty bucks, you can record broadcasts and webcasts of up to four hours.
    • When you came in, he was working on a screenplay for what he hopes will be a successful webcast.
    • We still have a long way to go until webcasts are a viable alternative to TV, but as broadband becomes more common and technology keeps pushing the envelope, there's no doubt that day is coming.
    • Of course, webcasts of sporting events aren't going to make TV obsolete anytime soon.
    • We couldn't get the live webcast to work - at all.
    • Questions posted via email will be answered live during the webcast.
    • There have been videoconferences, webcasts, satellite broadcasts and exchanges between scientists on a secure website.
    • Hollywood executives and other interested parties had to make do with a live webcast as he took the stand in the long-awaited trial.

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    transmitir por Internet
    retransmitir por Internet España

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    transmitir por Internet