Traducción de wedge en Español:


cuña, n.

Pronunciación /wɛdʒ//wɛdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(for securing)

      cuña femenino
      calce masculino
      calzo masculino
      • If the supports are wood, nail the wedges in place.
      • Then at either end of the dowel, a small split is started, into which a small wedge is also driven.
      • A jeweller's screwdriver is better because you need a thin wedge to open the seam.
      • An anchorage consists of a cast-iron bearing plate and special wedges to secure the strand inside the anchor housing.
      • Wedges were then inserted into these holes and the block of stone was broken loose by pounding on the wedges with mallets.
      • Instead, crews should use wood wedges, tapping gently when necessary.
      • Once the wedge is secured, slide the fender into the exposed slot until it clicks.
      • Once home I lost no time in trying out the metal wedge and managed to split quite a pile of logs before I'd had enough.

    • 1.2(for splitting)

      cuña femenino

    • 1.3(shape)

      a wedge of troops tropas formadas en cuña
      • a wedge of cheese/cake un trozo grande de queso/pastel

  • 2

    • 2.1also wedge heel

      tacón de cuña masculino
      tacón corrido masculino Colombia
      tacón cubano masculino Venezuela
      taco terraplén masculino Chile
      taco chino masculino Argentina

    • 2.2(shoe)

      zapato con tacón de cuña masculino
      • The classic espadrille wedge, which first came on the scene in the late 1940s and 1950s, is still practical and elegant.
      • Instead, I'll introduce a few key pieces - I've just swapped stilettos for wedges.
      • The shoe of the shows was undoubtedly the wedge.
      • Weekends at the beach call for designer wedges.
      • Match them with these very delectable white designer wedges and I'm all set to go!
      • I fold my hands in front of me and stand expectantly, rocking back and forth on my heels - covered by lace-up wedges.
      • As for shoes, I wasn't going to risk breaking a leg wearing my 5-inch heels so I decided on my wedges.
      • You can get away with wedges or a high-heeled strappy sandal, because you're not going to see much of the shoe.
      • Show your toes with strappy flats, heels or wedges.
      • The look that dominated the '70s has women trading in their high heels for wedges that are casual and often more comfortable.

  • 3

    (in golf)
    (hierro de cara con mucho ángulo) wedge masculino
    • But then you look at the pros on TV, and they always seem to pull out a pitching wedge or sand iron and chip it from just off the green.
    • Of course, the reason you are carrying four wedges is because today's modern pitching wedge has the loft of a 9-iron or even a strong 8-iron from not too long ago.
    • Grip a sand wedge or lob wedge with your left hand only, and position a ball in the middle of your stance.
    • The wedges have a standard or low-bounce option, in four lofts and three finishes.
    • The best club to pitch with is a sand wedge, not a pitching wedge.
    • I had to figure out how to get the ball in the hole with my wedge and my putter.
    • Generally, each degree of loft on your wedges translates to two to four yards in carry distance.
    • Decide if you need a wedge with a loft between your sand wedge and pitching wedge.
    • Another area I worked hard on was my distance control with the short irons, the wedges especially.
    • There's enough loft on a wedge when the shaft sits perpendicular to the ground.
    • On Monday afternoon he left the big bag in the car, and went out for a practice round carrying only his putter and three wedges.
    • This will help you gain more precise control with your wedges and short irons.
    • I'll sometimes take the sand wedge out of my bag and keep the lob wedge.
    • After rolling my ball onto a patch of frost-burned turf, even I can produce backspin with my wedges.
    • What's clear, though, is that all you need to play it is three clubs: a driver, a wedge and a putter.
    • Until the past decade, pitching wedges had 50 to 52 degrees of loft.
    • ‘Everything seems to equalise the players: the long putter, the lob wedges with their 65 degrees of loft, the grooves on the clubs,’ he continued.
    • Modern wedges are built to skid through sand and pop the ball out.
    • Try this with your other wedges and you'll have a total of six or nine distances.
    • He took out his wedge, and after waggling it for a minute, put it back into the bag and pulled out a 5-iron.
    • I've got two wedges in addition to the pitching wedge that's part of my iron set.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to wedge a door open ponerle una cuña / un calce a una puerta para que no se cierre
  • 2

    (a presión) meter
    she was wedged between two fat men estaba apretujada entre dos gordos (sin poderse mover)
    • ‘I could not see my mother at first but she had wedged herself under the table so she was all right,’ she said.
    • Finally, she wedged herself into a little niche, barely big enough for her, and began to think again.
    • She wedged herself as far as she could into the cavity.
    • One larger sized doctor finally wedged himself between them and pushed them apart.
    • We had to wedge it between some bags in the boot and hope it wouldn't turn to crumble on the way.
    • I always liked chimney climbing, wedging my body, arms and legs inside narrow walls and inching upward.
    • He stood up and flushed the toilet, and using the noise of the water flooding the bowl to cover any sound he was making, Ian wedged the book in the space between the toilet tank and the wall.
    • Rick even wedged himself halfway through the door before one of the guards kicked him back inside.
    • Felicia wedged herself between the closing door and its frame, easing her way into the house.
    • Ryan would hand Athena a can, and she would wedge it in the empty spaces.