Traducción de weekday en Español:


día de semana, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwikˌdeɪ//ˈwiːkdeɪ/


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    día de semana masculino
    he gets up early (on) weekdays se levanta temprano los días de semana / entre semana
    • As a result, all masses in the weekdays and weekends will take place in St. Patrick's Church.
    • Records were requested for two weekdays and one weekend day during the following week.
    • Three meals will be served up as usual on weekdays, but on weekends and holidays, all that's going to change.
    • Children attend school on weekdays and Saturday mornings and have Wednesdays off.
    • On weekdays, there are only dozens of tourists but on Sundays or holidays thousands of tourists visit.
    • He felt that if it could be so crowded on a Saturday, weekdays will be worse.
    • He plans to open the games area weekdays from 5pm to 9pm and all day Saturday.
    • The weekday buses are better spaced as well as extended into the evening.
    • I have school on weekdays and I always seem to be busy on Saturday.
    • A man of deep faith, he attended Mass every Sunday and often on weekdays as well.
    • The International Motor Show will be open at 10 am on weekends and noon weekdays.
    • He played cricket whenever he could, on Sundays as well as weekdays.
    • The prison library is open an average of four hours per day on weekdays.
    • It wouldn't be so bad if i only had to work weekdays and have my weekends off.