Traducción de weeny en Español:


pequeñito, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwini//ˈwiːni/

adjetivoweenier, weeniest


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    chiquitito América Latina
    • I just got a tiny weeny bit freaked out about it.
    • They might look weeny, but these dolls are huge business.
    • These are all very exaggerated caricatures of bison with teeny, weeny heads, huge humps, they don't look like real bison.
    • Oooh, look, they have weeny, tiny packs of cigarettes!
    • Thee is also talk of me getting a tiny weeny percentage of any sales.
    • I think you might have misinterpreted the point of that column just a teeny, weeny bit.
    • Needless to say, he was slightly put out at that; his ego deflated just a teeny, weeny bit.
    • It transpired that I am allergic to dust (quite badly), dogs and rabbits (a tiny weeny bit).
    • Sexy does not have to mean stockings and suspenders or some feeble excuse for a top, with a teeny, weeny micro skirt.
    • This store was selling little weeny teeny digital cameras, about the size of a matchbox.
    • Ali, who was two at the time, loved the story about the little girl who lived in a teeny, weeny house and played with itty, bitty toys.