Traducción de weighbridge en Español:


báscula de puente, n.

Pronunciación /ˈweɪbrɪdʒ/


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    báscula de puente femenino
    • On the highways, Government will do well to come in and set up weighbridges to trap overloading truckers.
    • Once inside the factory grounds, the lorries drive over a weighbridge where their gross weight is automatically measured.
    • When the lorry was taken to a weighbridge it was found to be overweight on the rear axle as well as for the gross load.
    • The new law also applies to petrol pumps, alcohol dispensers, weighbridges, industrial scales, firewood and even rubbish dumped at the tip.
    • A railway station has been rebuilt near the town, featuring a goods yard, a weighbridge and a signal box.
    • Sources at the town hall also confirmed the yardman, responsible for operating the weighbridge, was sacked after another disciplinary hearing.
    • The port has applied for a grant to provide a weighbridge at the port because of new fish-landing requirements.
    • There will be roadblocks around the metropolitan areas and every suspicious-looking vehicle within a 20 kilometre of a weighbridge or vehicle-testing centre will be inspected.
    • The driver of the skip wagon told police he had waited several minutes while another vehicle left the weighbridge.
    • The weighbridge at the entrance to the dump had been affected by an electrical fault on Friday afternoon last week.
    • The vehicles underwent a visual examination, and a mobile weighbridge and emissions unit were also used.
    • All types of vehicles were said to be by-passing the weighbridges without even reporting, pretending to be empty.
    • The introduction of weighbridges may have serious implications for fishermen around the coast.
    • The chairman said it was regrettable that two fishing vessels, loaded with mackerel, were unable to land their catches at the port recently because the weighbridge was not in operation.
    • The divers involved claim that the fish weighed 32 kg, so big in fact that it had to be taken to a public weighbridge.
    • Alternatively you can bring your waste in loads and pay per weight by using the weighbridge.