Traducción de weight loss en Español:

weight loss

pérdida de peso, n.


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    pérdida de peso femenino
    • Regular exercise has a number of benefits for the brain and body, but weight loss does not appear to be one of them.
    • He became breathless and suffered from pain, exhaustion and weight loss.
    • Walking briskly for 45 minutes every day with no change in diet leads to weight loss of 18 lb in a year.
    • Diuretics can cause quite dramatic temporary weight loss by causing the body to excrete water.
    • They achieved the impressive weight loss through a combination of healthy eating and exercise.
    • Apart from the welcomed weight loss, Paul's overall health should improve dramatically.
    • There may be weight loss from the upper body, while the legs stay as they were.
    • Average weight loss was 11 lb after four weeks, and some people lost 40 lbs by the end of the year.