Traducción de weld en Español:


soldar, v.

Pronunciación /wɛld//wɛld/

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    (metal/crack/joint) soldar
    you have to weld the plates (together) hay que soldar las placas
    • The workers rapidly busy themselves welding the pieces together.
    • He told police that the fire erupted when they were welding new metal roof beams in place at the restaurant.
    • We still stamp steel panels, weld them together, drop in an engine, bolt on the wheels, and stuff it with seats and fabrics.
    • The electron beam welding process has had wide application for joining dissimilar metals.
    • Almost all metals can be welded with the electron beam welding process.
    • I first welded flat sheet metal to the top of the unit.
    • The fuselage was of welded steel tube truss construction and was quite stout.
    • The artist was seen welding bits of metal together.
    • Then he wanted to make a mortar, so he welded a steel plate onto the end of a scaffolding pipe.
    • These steels are usually welded by the gas tungsten arc or the gas metal arc welding process.
    • The two sides aren't welded, but they snap together.
    • He was handcuffed to a metal desk that was welded to the floor.
    • His solution was to remove the part, and have a metal shop weld a small reinforcement to the post.
    • They can weld all metals from aluminum to stainless steel, plus they stock parts and supplies for sale.
    • The two metals are welded together under heat and pressure.
    • A metal ring is welded onto the power shaft beside the universal joint.
    • Accordingly, the bottom of the bucket is cut out and replaced with new steel plate, welding it into position.
    • Such torches are used to cut through metals and to weld two metals to each other.
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    soldadura femenino