Traducción de welfare state en Español:

welfare state

estado de bienestar, n.


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    estado de bienestar masculino
    estado benefactor masculino
    • National Insurance Contributions are used to fund parts of the welfare state, including pensions and the NHS.
    • In opinion polls, a substantial and stable majority defend the welfare state.
    • For one thing, I remain unconvinced that it was the welfare state that was central to Fordism.
    • Pension provision has become a major political issue in virtually every country with vestiges of a social welfare state.
    • Concessions made to the working class included a considerable welfare state and decent public services.
    • No country in the area has a welfare state or a properly organised emergency service - there are almost no public ambulances.
    • The German government feared Americanization of the health sector and financial instability for the welfare state in general.
    • The Swedes have a lavish welfare state married to a healthy economy and the best social mobility in the world.
    • In a country with no welfare state, religious institutions are still the principal means of supporting impoverished children.
    • Of course, young people get some benefits themselves from the welfare state.
    • The Social Democratic movement that shaped the modern European welfare state also originated in Germany.
    • Other European countries that have prospered over the medium term have included high-tax countries with extensive welfare states, such as Denmark and the Netherlands.
    • After the unique, extremely rapid growth of welfare expenditure the welfare state reached its financial limits.
    • The welfare state has meant security and an opportunity for development for many of your people.
    • Council housing was incorporated as a pillar of the welfare state by the 1945 Labour government.