Traducción de well-chosen en Español:


bien elegido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌwɛlˈtʃəʊz(ə)n/


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    (gift) bien elegido
    (gift) bien escogido
    (remarks) bien elegido
    (remarks) bien escogido
    (remarks) muy apropiado
    I gave him a few well-chosen words! ¡le dije cuatro cosas bien dichas!
    • Concepts such as ‘time sickness’ and ‘time poverty’ are explored through well-chosen case studies.
    • Lemon sole can have a wonderful, delicate flavour just begging to be woken up by ginger, garlic and a few well-chosen spices.
    • While a few well-chosen words may at times bring solace, and a good joke may bring on fits of laughter, such things are rarely enough to cure a severe depression.
    • She has read the Bible closely, and begins each chapter with a well-chosen citation.
    • With many well-chosen quotes from her fiction and her philosophy, he traces the interplay between her experience and her intellect.