Traducción de well-disposed en Español:


dispuesto a colaborar, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌwɛldɪˈspəʊzd/


  • 1

    (to collaborate) dispuesto a colaborar
    (to help) dispuesto a ayudar
    she seems well-disposed toward our request parece (estar) dispuesta a acceder a nuestra petición
    • Because of this, Constantine was even more well-disposed towards the Christians, though he himself was not baptized a Christian until his deathbed.
    • This government is extremely well-disposed towards foreigners.
    • This functionary, however well disposed to my friend, could not altogether conceal his chagrin at the turn which affairs had taken, and indulged in a sarcasm or two about the propriety of every person minding his own business.
    • They are well-disposed toward their subject but detached enough to criticize it.
    • They're not there to see me, which makes it all okay, and by now the audiences realize that I will be brief, and that makes them well-disposed to my appearance.
    • But Roosevelt was not well disposed towards him.
    • If the faculty or students of the institution put together some kind of publication, it is best to send it to people who the organization is fairly certain are well-disposed towards it.
    • Many politicians are not well-disposed towards universities.
    • By a series of false starts and mistakes and with help from well-disposed friends he makes in the course of his experiences, he finally reaches maturity and finds his proper profession.
    • Indeed, there is precious little to suggest he is even well-disposed towards the poor.
    • This is an school which you know is well-disposed toward you, as you appeared there to talk about your book only last month, on Aug. 21.
    • Under these circumstances a leader who is trusted can make a claim on well-disposed followers whose acquiescence, although intuitive, is not simply gullible.
    • No-one of sense can read a Mortimer story without finishing it feeling slightly more well-disposed to their fellow man.
    • Asked if so-and-so is a good chap, we tend - if well-disposed towards him - to quote some instance of outrageous kindness.
    • Every person needs to be open and sincere, and can be open and sincere only if he is facing a well-disposed listener who treats him as a friend.