Traducción de well-endowed en Español:


bien provisto (de fondos), adj.

Pronunciación /ˌwɛlɪnˈdaʊd/


  • 1

    (museum/college) bien provisto (de fondos)
    • Inevitably, wealthier parents selected well-endowed private and government schools for their children, while poorer schools entered a cycle of declining resources, poorer results and falling student numbers.
    • The Spedale di Santa Maria della Scala is a well-endowed hostel and infirmary in Siena.
    • I have watched a great deal of heritage in my city come down, because Nelson is a fairly well-endowed community and we have a habit of bowling buildings and replacing them with new ones of vastly less consequence than the previous ones.
    • And as I say, a cartoonist is not there to bolster the government position or the position of the well-entrenched or the well-endowed, it's definitely not that, it's the opposite.
    • ‘We are not a well-endowed school in spite of popular myth, and the money puts us in a position to be able to move our development programme a couple of steps ahead,’ said the headmaster.
    • This implies that the distinct and possibly unique resources on which the internationalizing strategies of small businesses are based, should be more potent than those of well-endowed competitors.
    • It comes as no surprise that the well-endowed private schools scored an average 99 percent pass rate.
    • But because it is a resource-rich institution, it had not only the money to fix the problems and pay the fine, it also had the capability to help less well-endowed schools.
  • 2eufemismo

    (woman) bien dotada
    (woman) con una buena delantera coloquial
    (man) bien dotado
    • I even made a mental note that he was a very well-endowed guy.
    • This well endowed model continues to make the news.
    • It is possible that a man might buy one because he was spectacularly well-endowed.
    • She was especially well-endowed and on her tight T-shirt there was an image of the blessed Henrik.
    • One could only watch so much of well-endowed women in bathing suits running before it started to get kind of boring and repetitive.
    • As soon as a well-endowed young woman walking her dog came by in the other direction, the men's chatter started up again.
    • No points for guessing this comment came from a well-endowed woman.
    • Suddenly every indebted student or well-endowed young woman seems to be available as a human billboard.
    • A well-endowed model in an advertisement was used to sell virtually everything: movies, cars, fruit, coffee, brassieres and postcards.
    • At Court, and in Paris, wealth opened every door, and dukes and peers happily married the well-endowed daughters of great financiers.
    • You can tell a man is well-endowed by the size of his hands, feet, or nose.
    • Guys who are well-endowed usually have more confidence.
    • He's said to be a very well endowed man.’
    • He paid his bills, girls liked him, and he was well-endowed.