Traducción de well-groomed en Español:


bien arreglado, adj.

Pronunciación /wɛlˈɡruːmd/


  • 1

    (person) bien arreglado
    (hair) bien peinado
    • I'm not by nature a particularly well-groomed person.
    • I try to be well-groomed, but clean, well-cut hair and a dab of lipstick are about the extent of my beauty regimen.
    • A tanned, well-groomed man in a blue blazer and grey slacks walks between the curtains.
    • The articulate, well-groomed man had arrived from Florida a few weeks earlier.
    • She was well-groomed enough, and her posture was perfectly straight.
    • Look a little closer at the well-groomed kids with innocent, idyllic faces in school blazers or the teens that look identical to their parents except for their age.
    • At first sight the tall, well-groomed man, with his thick, wavy black hair and piercing blue eyes, slim and handsome in a new kilt, appeared to be quite a catch.
    • One young lord in particular, a fair-sized, well-groomed man dressed in the finest velour and silks was forced to sit at the table's farthest end.
    • ‘Quality suits and separates wear and hang better than inferior fabrics and show all the signs of a well groomed individual’.
    • Darla's dad was a handsome, well-groomed man who knew where every hair on his head was supposed to go and knew exactly how to get them to go there.
    • Three well-groomed men in suits pose on the back of the CD case.
    • I would come in early and bring him down and bathe him, shave him and moisturize him before any visitors would come in, he was always a very well groomed man so there was no way I was going to let him not look his best.
    • First impressions are everything in the flirting game and a well-groomed man holds more appeal than one with grubby fingernails and scruffy clothes.
    • He came into the classroom and to my surprise he was fairly well groomed and dressed.
    • Photos of the pair show two young, well-groomed men, one wearing a tie.
    • The unshakeable belief that gloves were an important component in any well-groomed woman's wardrobe continued right up till the late 1960s.
  • 2

    (garden/horse) bien cuidado