Traducción de well-informed en Español:


bien informado, adj.

Pronunciación /wɛlɪnˈfɔːmd//ˌwɛlɪnˈfɔrmd/


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    (decision/commentator) bien informado
    to be well-informed about sth estar muy informado sobre algo
    • He is one of the industry's most well-informed voices on this subject.
    • After all, they are by historical standards fairly well-informed and well-educated.
    • He is, by all accounts, intelligent and well-informed.
    • Denmark has an intelligent, well-informed electorate whose hearts and minds are intrinsically pro-Europe.
    • For the two founders, who prided themselves on being well-informed, it would be a harsh lesson in the dangers of being too clever and too cloistered.
    • Today's international tourists are educated, well-informed and have the whole world at their fingertips.
    • Free and fair elections also include a well-informed electorate.
    • He is exceptionally thorough, intelligent and well-informed.
    • Full, open honesty and a total disclosure is the only way you have a well-informed proper debate.
    • There was no consoling this deeply troubled but well-informed and cultured man of letters.
    • His style of writing is admirably jargon-free, his methodology sophisticated and well-informed.
    • This is a well-informed and fair-minded contribution to an ongoing debate.
    • For a ten-year-old his questions are intelligent and well-informed.
    • As yet there has been little well-informed public debate about the subject.
    • I took him to be a man in his sixties, strong-faced, intelligent and well-informed.
    • These people are all so well-informed, so confident, so articulate… so how could anything I say be of interest to them?