Traducción de well-matched en Español:


del mismo nivel, adj.

Pronunciación /wɛlˈmatʃt/


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    (performances/teams) del mismo nivel
    (teams/performances) muy parejo
    Donna and Joe are well matched Donna y Joe hacen buena pareja
    • The game depends on having well-matched players on either side of the net, so that what's predicted theoretically can be checked experimentally.
    • Their tender flesh was contrasted with the punchy crushed-peppercorn crust and well-matched with a light citrus sauce and the exquisitely sliced and grilled zucchini.
    • The sides were well-matched but much under strength.
    • Santi and Itti are a pair of compelling, well matched leads with surprising twists and turns to their characters.
    • It's not that the pair don't look happy and well-matched: they do.
    • It was a really hard fought affair between two well-matched sides.
    • You could travel very widely and not find a pair of soloists as well-matched in the Brahms Double Concerto as the Johnston brothers.
    • In a game where two well-matched teams cancelled each other out, both defences were able to snuff out the few genuine attacks made by either side.
    • A well-matched pair of smart, stylish secret agents do battle against a never-ending array of fiendish felons and assorted evil-doers in ‘The Avengers’, the original British television series.
    • She's well-matched by Vivaldi, a composer and virtuoso who was once rock-star popular as a composer but is steadily fading from high-society fashion and struggling to raise commissions.
    • But Quick and Dennison are a spirited, well-matched duo, and their zeal is infectious.
    • Following on the one-sided debacle that preceded it, this game between two well-matched sides provided some real entertainment for the small crowd.
    • ‘We feel that they are not going to abuse their distribution power and that we are well-matched with them in the marketplace,’ says News Corp.
    • It's a shame that a match between two well matched sides like this has been ruined.
    • Playful bickering aside, the pair are well-matched, both in person and on-screen, where their undeniable chemistry deserves a lot of the credit for ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding's’ success.