Traducción de well-read en Español:


culto, adj.

Pronunciación /wɛlˈrɛd//ˌwɛlˈrɛd/


  • 1

    (person) culto
    (person) instruido
    she's extremely well read in French literature ha leído muchísima literatura francesa
    • We can discern in his letters an intelligent, well-read man who had strong, almost violent opinions.
    • I'm the least well-read of this entire company.
    • He was neither a wit nor a brilliant raconteur, neither well-read nor well-educated, and he made no great contribution to enlightened social converse.
    • Old-school birthing is back in style, with well-read women forsaking obstetricians for midwives and epidurals for warm baths.
    • During that interview, and during some other chats one had with him in Mumbai, he appeared to be a cultured, well-read and imaginative young man.
    • Instead, the text is largely a reiteration of what any well-read designer already knows.
    • I am not a experienced researcher in this field nor am I particularly well-read on this issue but I can see both sides.
    • And I did want him to meet them because they're smart, complicated, politically aware, well-read, funny people.
    • She was young and beautiful, well-read and accomplished.
    • Nothing is known of her education, though she was clearly well-read by the time she made the acquaintance of one of the Cambridge Platonists, Henry More.
    • It has been said that plenty of intelligent, well-read people read and write fanfiction.
    • In fact, it's common to run across well-read people who no longer read any new literary fiction at all.
    • Further, some familiar notions are communicated from a fresh viewpoint, which may be of benefit even to well-read players.
    • He was a very distinguished scholar and philosopher in his heyday - extremely well-read and articulate.
    • James had nothing against intelligent, well-read women, but her views were so radical, he was put off immediately she began spouting them.
    • The creeping influence of literature is probably unavoidable, since screenwriters, as a group, are such a well-read lot.
    • I've met people even more well-read than I am.
    • He is a policy wonk to his core, more well-read in policy ideas than almost any of his colleagues or predecessors.
    • The Jones's wanted their daughter to be well-read in the European tradition of Shakespeare, Milton, and other major novelists and poets.
    • I sit next to the quickest, the brightest, most well-read, most entertaining, most brilliant man.