Traducción de well-spent en Español:


bien gastado, adj.

Pronunciación /wɛlˈspɛnt/


  • 1

    (money) bien gastado
    (time) bien aprovechado
    • He said an £8 million three-year award from the Children's Fund in 2002 was being well-spent - but the effects would only be obvious in the longer term.
    • There have been questions of leadership, policy and campaign direction, raising the issue of whether or not our money was well-spent.
    • We feel confident the money will be well-spent.
    • One of the dictums of modern medicine is that money spent on healthcare is money well-spent, because it is always cheaper to prevent an illness than cure it.
    • The question is this, perhaps: whether a life spent working for this idea of ‘peace’, always aware that such a goal may never be reached, in one's own lifetime or beyond, is a life well-spent.
    • For the children, this was one vacation truly well-spent.
    • The time and money spent purchasing and reading these books was well-spent and invaluable preparation for my colleagues and I.
    • So don't think your tax dollars aren't being well-spent.
    • And if it keeps one person out of hospital, surely it's money well-spent.
    • So if it takes a little ‘panache’ to get back in her good graces, it's money well-spent.
    • It is therefore absolutely one of the obligations of members of Parliament to make sure that every single cent of that money is well-spent, and that the people who must contribute do contribute.
    • Of course, only one of them worked, but it got used as a map light for awhile, so I gloated about how it was a dollar well-spent.
    • Without them, we have absolutely no idea whether the money is well-spent or not.
    • Because the need is so great, it's more important than ever to make sure your money is well-spent.