Traducción de wether en Español:


carnero castrado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɛðər//ˈwɛðə/


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    carnero castrado masculino
    • Twenty-five skeletally mature crossbred merino wethers were used with the approval of our local Animal Care and Ethics Committee.
    • In Trial 3, the effects of corn smut on the in vivo digestibility of high corn silage diets were determined with mature Hampshire-cross wethers.
    • The system encouraged a change from wethers to ewes.
    • Most adult sheep were wethers (castrated rams) raised mainly for wool.
    • They brought with them 350 ewes, 45 wethers, ten bullocks, six heifers, one bull, four horses, and a number of goats and some poultry.
    • A cold southerly rain storm caught the newly shorn wethers and four hundred died because the cold congealed the fat around their kidneys.