Traducción de wetland en Español:


humedal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwɛtˌlənd//ˈwɛtˌlænd//ˈwɛtlənd/


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    humedal masculino
    • They require a mosaic of heath, blanket bog and wetland, with rough grazing, shrubs and trees for cover.
    • Typha spp. are highly productive aquatic plants that grow in a variety of habitats throughout wetlands worldwide.
    • Both species need large areas of fens and wetlands and are highly intolerant of human disturbance at nest sites.
    • It is almost never found on mudflats or in wetlands where other shorebirds are found.
    • Its large lagoons, mangrove wetlands, and swamps full of wild orchids and rare birds are all protected by the National Trust.
    • Coral reefs provide protection to coastal areas and protect delicate coastal wetlands and mangrove swamps from storms.
    • Wildlife habitats, wetlands and watersheds have been wiped out all over the place.
    • The terrain here is flat, and the poor drainage encourages the creation of wetlands and bogs.
    • It is common for the tailing ponds to be turned into wetlands or even grazing lands for buffalo such as the one made by Syncrude.
    • The rain becomes torrential as I drive through the vast wetlands of the Bayou.
    • She said the wetlands, estuaries and forest streams that pateke call home were under threat.
    • It is also released naturally from swamps, wetlands and the ocean.
    • She was doing the first formal survey of our wooded wetlands in the east field.
    • It was then tested and found to apply in other habitat types such as wetlands and Mediterranean grasslands.
    • Breeds on wetlands, moorland, water-side meadows, both coastal and inland.
    • Found in a wide variety of haunts including open or lightly wooded farmland, moors, wetlands and urban areas.
    • Shrubs and bushes will be used to create the hilltop wetlands by blocking drainage ditches dug by sheep farmers.
    • The reserve in a partly flooded gravel pit now has three wetland habitats - open water, marsh and willow scrub.
    • A further third will be turned into wet pasture land and a third to wetland and reed beds in line with a plan approved by the Environmental Agency.
    • They live on moors and wetlands, while the tower is surrounded by bustling streets made of concrete.