Traducción de wheezy en Español:


ruidoso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwiːzi//ˈ(h)wizi/


  • 1

    (breathing) ruidoso
    (breathing) difícil
    (breathing) jadeante
    (cough) espasmódico
    • The bike sounds awful too: a terrible, wheezy, clattering sound - like an old washing machine.
    • He laughed and I noticed there was a wheezy rattle in his throat.
    • He then laughed his annoying sort of wheezy chuckle.
    • I was happy to be left with the geeky nerd in bottle glasses and the fat wheezy kid.
    • Early on the four hour bus trip I cleverly established a ‘sore throat’ with much wheezy coughing and watery eyes.
    • When this model first came out, the steering was imprecise, the suspension bumped all over the place and the engines could, at the most charitable, have been described as wheezy.
    • Sometimes it's really easy, and I reference the sample bank in my head of wheezy sounds, or tick tocks or whatever.
    • The guitar and what sounds like a wheezy harmonium played backwards contribute to an impression of technologised folk that makes surprisingly engaging sense.
    • Among other questions, parents were asked whether their child had had ‘a wheezy or whistling noise while breathing’ since the previous follow up.
    • One curiosity comes in the ‘Entry of the Gods,’ with what seems to be the entry of a wheezy old organ near the end of the excerpt.
    • He thought of their merry singing, their coarse and wheezy whistle.
    • He laughed between wheezy catches in his breath.
    • There is a constant feeling of suppressed impatience from him, although every so often he breaks into a wheezy, rumbustious, infectious laugh.
    • My hyperventilating and Angela's hyperventilating could have combined and we'd have a beautiful chorus of wheezy breaths and flared nostrils and rolling eyes.
    • In another, equally droll work, the drama of unrequited love has taken its participants into their dotage as a wheezy, white-haired poet still woos his Muse six decades past her prime.
    • A friend of mine, who has never had any breathing problems, found herself becoming frighteningly wheezy and my husband, who has a chronic chest complaint, is suffering more and more.
    • He's timid, we can barely hear him at first, but after a bit, in a slightly wheezy but honest voice, he goes for the high notes - and does it.
    • I chat to one guy on the phone whose voice is so husky and his chest sounds wheezy if he talks for long.
    • Thus begins a wheezy, dull little story that follows Clint around as he has annoying conversations with his complainy doctor, jerky cops, and Jeff Daniels.