Traducción de whelk en Español:


buccino, n.

Pronunciación /wɛlk//(h)wɛlk/


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    (especie de caracol marino) buccino masculino
    • Only the hermit crab, as far as I can recall, searches for empty shells, of whelks or periwinkles, or indeed any other hollow object and crawls inside, to serve as shelter and protection of the body.
    • Zach found that crows would only accept ‘large’ whelks, where large whelks had an average weight of 8.08 grams.
    • Most of the shellfish remains in the Florida coast middens were oyster shells while shells of clams, knobbed whelks and periwinkles were present in lesser amounts.
    • The shellfish, especially the oysters and the whelks are just the best.
    • Our examples are taken from recent investigations of two key components of rocky intertidal communities, mussels and whelks.
    • Abalone does not have a blood-clotting mechanism, and even if slightly damaged it will continue to bleed until found by scavenging whelks.
    • These results were obtained from experiments in the lower mid zone at each site and exposure, in which shelter and food availability (mussels, M. trossulus) for the whelks were manipulated.
    • It is a fantastic place, with extremely tasty whelks.
    • People forget that Glasgow is by the sea, but I love restaurants that make something of that closeness, bringing mussels and whelks and Firth of Clyde-reared cod onto the menu.
    • Overall, mussels, barnacles and whelks all had higher metabolic activities at SH than BB, whereas there was no difference in metabolic activity for sea stars.
    • Think of molluscs and chances are it is shellfish such as limpets, whelks, scallops and mussels that spring to mind.
    • Shellfish such as oysters, mussels, cockles, winkles, whelks and crabs were collected for food from the estuaries and sea-shores.
    • At Strawberry Hill, whelks had higher body temperatures and higher Hsp 70 pools than those at Boiler Bay.
    • For main, if your feeling decadent, why not go for the lobster platter; langoustines, mussels, whelks, oysters all surround the halved lobster on a bed of ice.
    • Predatory snails, including Oyster Drills, whelks, sponges, especially the Boring Sponges, and fish all find oysters a tasty treat.
    • Starved whelks were provided with empty mussel shells so that sun-exposure was similar for both treatment groups.
    • Low tide air temperature is probably less of a factor for sea stars than for whelks, as sea stars can avoid locations where body temperatures are elevated, whereas whelk body temperatures are closely related to air temperatures.
    • So the 10m ropes provide an ideal home where they can remain suspended above the seabed and out of reach of starfish, crabs, whelks and other predators.
    • Luckily there is a produce stall just a few steps further, where you get a few handfuls of wild roquette, sensing that the arugula's peppery bite will work wonders with the plump whelks.
    • The whelk-enclosure experiment demonstrated that the predatory whelk affected not only survivorship but also growth rate of the clam.