Traducción de wherever en Español:


dónde, adv.

Pronunciación /wɛːrˈɛvə//(h)wɛrˈɛvər//(h)wəˈrɛvər/


  • 1

    (in questions)
    wherever can they be? ¿dónde diablos pueden estar? coloquial
  • 2coloquial

    (no matter where)
    en cualquier parte
    en cualquier lado
    where does the group meet? — in bars, private houses, wherever ¿dónde se reúne el grupo? — en bares, en casas particulares, en cualquier parte / lado
    • Enjoy your festive season wherever you and whatever you do - Peace on Earth and goodwill to all!
    • Which gives you a pretty broad spectrum of A-list clothing whatever your age, wherever you shop.
    • None of the people in this film would be spending time together in the real world, wherever and whatever that is.
    • I refuse to feel afraid to walk wherever I like at whatever time of night wearing whatever I like.
    • Have you ever felt the desire to contemplate your very own Zen garden wherever you are, whatever the time?
    • Since Evil is only a lack of Good, wherever there is Evil there must be Good.
    • And now, wherever you go, whatever you do, you find yourself dominated by his evil presence.
    • In the end, students will study whatever suits them, wherever it suits them.
    • These can take place wherever I am, whatever I'm doing - and don't need a quiet room or for me to be on my knees.
    • I'll try and use influences wherever I can, whatever the style.
    • However, whatever, wherever they play, blues guitarists all have a common aim.
    • You're free to buy whatever you want from wherever you want, it all goes back to the same place eventually.
    • American arms have triumphed over those of their enemies wherever the two have met.
    • I'm not down on people finding love online, in their local supermarket or at the dogs, wherever, whatever, it's all good.
    • Independence Day should be the rallying point of all our people, whatever and wherever their origins.
    • Will and his team sit and chat, or just listen, meeting needs and helping wherever they can.
    • Whatever you are, wherever you come from, you are the same in the one world.
    • Whatever and wherever you choose to eat, I hope you enjoy your Branson vacation.
    • For the sake of the future, the truth must be pursued relentlessly wherever and whatever it leads to.
    • Whatever your age, wherever you live and whoever you are, rhythm and movement are common to everyone.


  • 1

    you can use your card wherever you see this sign puede usar su tarjeta (en cualquier establecimiento) donde vea este símbolo
    • where shall we go? — wherever you like ¿(a)dónde vamos? — (a)donde tú quieras
    • they follow her wherever she goes la siguen a todas partes
    • wherever he goes, I'll go too vaya donde vaya / dondequiera que vaya, yo iré también
    • she said it was in Pando, wherever that is dijo que quedaba en Pando, que no tengo ni idea de dónde está
    • you can sit wherever you like puedes sentarte donde quieras(, en cualquier lado)
    • wherever he is, he's always complaining esté donde esté, siempre se está quejando
    • He brought him to the school playground, to the school bus, wherever Stephen was, there was Thomas.
    • I mean, wherever things were to be photographed he went, and away he went and things happened in front of his camera.
    • Although the internet resists regulation, wherever regulation is technically possible, it tends to be pursued.
    • Apply the wax in the direction of the wood grain wherever possible and rub it in gently until the color blends with the floor.
    • I have made a point of buying organic, wherever possible and making sure that there is always raw fruit and veg on hand.
    • It is virtually a global issue and more prevalent in the South East Asian nations and wherever Indians live.
    • This last discovery on Europa is especially exciting because there may be life wherever water is discovered.
    • When you fight terror in Afghanistan, wherever terror is being felt, we have to be patient.
    • Some say that wherever Selfridges is based it will attract shoppers and that it will act as a magnet to other top stores wanting to be in the vicinity.
    • Mr Wood said aid had to be sent wherever people needed water, food and shelter but he warned there was no overall single answer to the problem of poverty.