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Pronunciación /(h)waɪlst//wʌɪlst/



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    • Once we were word perfect we were taught what we had to do whilst on the altar.
    • The worst of it though, is the attention I get whilst running on the streets of London.
    • Being in a rush to get out this evening we sat Tommy at the table whilst we were eating and all had a civilised meal.
    • It was exchanged for a very large scar whilst on a skiing holiday in Switzerland.
    • I said out loud as I tried to stare a bit more at the map whilst driving at 40 miles an hour.
    • We had to queue and order our meal, standing at a counter, whilst scanning the menu.
    • I had a bag of fish and chips for lunch and ate them whilst sitting by the river.
    • Molly clambers up onto the wall and struts up and down for a moment whilst she gets her balance on the wall.
    • It is impossible not to be moved whilst in the presence of such belief and faith.
    • I'd forgotten to mention but I had a bit of an accident with Dads car whilst he was away.
    • I was sitting in the living room and whilst my friend was in the kitchen her husband made a pass at me.
    • In my infinite wisdom I decided to fill the holes in myself whilst Gary was working.
    • Walking on the road in broad daylight whilst facing the traffic makes me anxious enough.
    • I explained that whilst I would like to, now was not the right time for me, or for her.
    • My poor dogs and I are confined to one room whilst the window men continue to fit the new windows.
    • Perhaps whilst it is fresh in my mind I might just pick up on the last point of the press briefings.
    • Love on a mental level is friendship, whilst love on a physical level is basically lust.
    • Even when she is unwell, she is able to just step through that and put it aside whilst she is out there.
    • Heroin stays in the system for around a day, whilst cannabis can remain in the body for up to a month.
    • Others will rev the engine and light the lights whilst the forming queue shifts on its feet.