Traducción de whimper en Español:


gimotear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈ(h)wɪmpər//ˈwɪmpə/

verbo intransitivo

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    • After that he just started whimpering and I began to feel sorry for him.
    • As she drove to Wythenshawe Hospital, she says, Flynn started to have difficulty breathing and was whimpering in pain.
    • They heard one last ear-piercing shriek and then the sound of the wolf whimpering as though it had been hurt.
    • Janie was crying, whimpering in pain and the fact that she couldn't even try to bring her head back inside, such was her hurt.
    • Yesterday John lay in Sulaimania emergency hospital, whimpering with pain.
    • My head began to throb violently, making me want to whimper in pain.
    • The man on the table whimpered at the sound of the metal hook, clattering to the floor.
    • He whimpered, as the pain spread from his toes to his ankles and his arms to his barrel chest.
    • Just then we heard the courthouse doors open and the sound of a dog whimpering.
    • Alla said children whimpered in fear, and all around there was screaming and crying.
    • Suddenly, she heard something that sounded like a child whimpering to her right.
    • Gillian whimpers as the dull pain in her side turns into a sharp throbbing pain.
    • One of them planted a punch into his stomach, causing the Doctor to sink to his knees, whimpering in pain.
    • She was still whimpering with pain when we arrived but incredibly we were confronted with a pay and display car park!
    • The little girl fell silent, whimpering in pain from the tight grip he had on her hair.
    • His protests do sound like whimpering, but that said, damn, can he ever pen a tune.
    • Afraid for the first time of the darkness, he began to whimper in fear.
    • It would have been sort of amusing if I wasn't whimpering with pain and olfactory overload.
    • She rushed over to the cradle where her infant daughter lay, whimpering in fear.
    • ‘Right now all you do is try not to squint or whimper at the pain,’ he said as he began to walk behind her.

verbo transitivo

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    decir gimoteando
    decir lloriqueando


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    quejido masculino
    he took the beating without a whimper aguantó la paliza sin un quejido / sin chistar