Traducción de whippet en Español:


galgo inglés, n.

Pronunciación /ˈ(h)wɪpɪt//ˈwɪpɪt/


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    galgo inglés masculino
    • There will be three rings at the dog show for greyhounds, lurchers, whippets and any other breeds.
    • You can equate it with the size, say, of a whippet, a dog.
    • Up here in the frozen North it is grim, nothing but cloth caps, whippets and warm beer.
    • He spent the early years of his life playing in the bar with a whippet and a greyhound.
    • It was the perfect setting for dogs - and Myles's first choice was whippets.
    • Some underfeed their whippets, lurchers, or greyhounds, because they mistakenly think these breeds are meant to be stick-thin.
    • In addition to salukis, eligible breeds are whippets, greyhounds, Afghan hounds, borzois, Ibizan hounds, pharaoh hounds, Irish wolfhounds, and Scottish deerhounds.
    • It is pretty well understood that both whippets and setters/pointers were used in the early development of the breed.
    • She was on her way to an important business meeting and was dressed to impress when the whippet cross ran out in front of her car in Shannon Way.
    • Much of the population is daft about dogs and there are not many whippets here so people stop us in the street.
    • Manchester Dogs' Home is seeking an owner for Murphy, a cross whippet.
    • Mrs Yacoby-Wright and her mother Eva breed whippets and own seven dogs between them.
    • Several of the dogs and Monty were given oxygen therapy, but one dog, a whippet called Smokey, died after inhaling too much smoke.
    • ‘I've always loved greyhounds and whippets,’ says Myles, glancing over at his pet's naturally doleful expression.
    • He had an abundance of dogs which he raised and trained, including lurchers, spaniels, Labradors, Jack Russells and whippets.
    • I was still able to get a flavour of the place through my meetings with animals such as Trixie the eight-year-old whippet cross, with whom I struck up an immediate friendship.
    • As the fisherman approaches, the falconer's spaniels look enquiringly at each other, and his whippet, all four paws at attention, stares respectfully at such an admirable salmon.
    • People across the country might reckon we all go about with cloth caps and whippets but Yorkshire is a very beautiful county and perhaps we should be shouting about how wonderful the natural landscape is.
    • We were going very slow, so we were passed by a number of speedy, whippets who were clearly treating this as a slightly longer-than-usual training run.
    • Prouty, who breeds and shows Australian shepherds, had given the whippet's future plenty of thought by this point.