Traducción de whisk en Español:


batir, v.

Pronunciación /(h)wɪsk//wɪsk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1Cocina

      (eggs/mixture) batir
      whisk a little cream in agregue un poco de crema batiendo
      • whisk the egg whites (up) bata las claras
      • For the dressing, whisk the tomatoes, shallot, oil, water and vinegar together with four pinches of salt.
      • Taste for salt and pepper, whisk in the sour cream, and heat through without boiling.
      • Meanwhile whisk the eggs, yolks, cheese and cream in a bowl and season with black pepper.
      • At this stage you can whisk or stir in any chosen flavouring such as sweet chilli sauce.
      • In a bowl, whisk the lemon juice and olive oil with the mint leaves, sea salt and pepper, and drizzle over the courgettes.
      • Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until light and fluffy.
      • Repeat flour and milk step until all has been whisked together.
      • Heat gently, add the mussels, whisk in the cream and heat through without boiling.
      • In another bowl whisk the cream until light peaks form.
      • Using an electric whisk, whisk the whole egg, egg yolk and sugar together until pale and thick, then incorporate the chocolate mixture.
      • Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk the egg and buttermilk in a liquid measuring cup.
      • Kevin's wife poured a little milk into the bowl and continued whisking the eggs with a fork.
      • Gradually add the milk, stirring or whisking to form a sauce.
      • Pour in the cream and continue to whisk until the mixture forms soft, floppy peaks that just hold their shape.
      • For the icing, melt chocolate then stir until smooth and whisk in cream.
      • Warm a bowl and whisk the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract for five minutes.
      • Most ices and sorbets require beating or whisking regularly as they freeze, to break up the ice crystals.
      • Cook the mixture over a double boiler, whisking constantly until the egg yolks thicken.
      • In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, milk, salt and pepper together until combined.
      • She would then whisk eggs in a bowl, adding small amounts of oil and water.

    • 1.2(swish)

      (tail) sacudir
      (tail) agitar
      they use their tails to whisk insects away espantan / ahuyentan los insectos sacudiendo la cola
      • he whisked the breadcrumbs off the table with his napkin sacudió las migas de la mesa con su servilleta
      • I asked Mr. Tobin a question, and he replied with another question - and before I could volley back yet another query, his aides whisked him away.
      • Our most unusual New Year's Eve was in those heady, pre-parenting days when my husband whisked me off to Amsterdam for what Bridget Jones would call a mini-break.
      • But in spite of the failing health and instructions from the doctors, some police personnel whisked him away to some unknown destination.
      • But I was quickly whisked through to a private back room, where my new friend Kelly invited me to lie down and relax.
      • A rail link whisks you into the heart of the action in about 15 minutes.
      • Davellin has told the court the family was suddenly whisked to Miami and ordered not to watch Bashir's documentary when it was aired in the US.
      • I am whisked through the doors to a chaos of people and boxes and props on the other side.
      • The current whisks us quickly downstream, into country so empty of human artifacts that it seems as if we're the first people on earth: tundra, sky, a distant wisp of cloud.
      • After a little hide and seek with the waiting pressmen, the authorities quickly whisked him into the casualty ward no. 2 at the ground floor through gate 1.
      • He is quickly whisked back to his car and it speeds away to the next venue.
      • We were whisked quickly through the spick and span Beijing Airport with hardly a question asked.
      • The impresario lists them before whisking us off to the second half of the property: a bar in the process of being built.
      • Suddenly, I was whisked back to my childhood and Sesame Street.
      • After treatment there for gunshot wounds, he was whisked by the CIA to Thailand where he was housed in a small, disused warehouse on an active airbase.
      • He was immediately whisked to the adjacent cardiac unit, suffering from what was described to me as ‘an angina attack’.
      • From there, a cable car whisked us to the top of Lagazuio, which gave us spectacular views of the whole Sella Ronda region.
      • No one really sees the pages because users are quickly whisked into the site with a clever JavaScript mouseoever effect.
      • It really felt as if the wind could snatch you up and whisk you away, and we almost hoped it would.
      • She was then whisked off to town centre hairdressers Robert Michael to have her hair restyled and highlighted, followed by a visit to Snaith's Market Court beauty clinic for a full facial.
      • Fortunately, I discovered that the Commonwealth team were arriving back from Melbourne, so we whisked Jack straight over to Glasgow International.

  • 2

    • 2.1(convey quickly)

      (rápidamente) llevar
      she was immediately whisked off to another meeting inmediatamente se la llevaron a otra reunión a toda prisa
      • we were whisked back to the capital in a helicopter nos llevaron de vuelta a la capital en helicóptero

    • 2.2(take, remove)

      he whisked away the plates retiró los platos rápidamente
      • she whisked the cloth off the table (de un tirón) quitó el mantel de la mesa

verbo intransitivo

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    car after car whisked past los coches pasaban uno tras otro como una exhalación
    • nurses whisked along the corridor las enfermeras corrían por el pasillo


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    • 1.1Cocina

      batidor masculino
      • Mix thoroughly using a whisk, but gently so as not to generate too much foam.
      • In a medium bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ground cloves, and salt, and mix with a whisk to evenly blend.
      • The mango parfait is made in minutes with the labour-saving help of an electric food mixer and a hand whisk.
      • There are the usual pots and pans, whisks and spatulas as well as those gadgets such as food processors and blenders we cannot live without.
      • With a small whisk or fork, beat 1 egg white in a medium bowl until foamy.
      • Using a whisk, mix ingredients until smooth and warm.
      • Beat egg white with a whisk or handheld mixer in a small bowl until just stiff.
      • Mash the ingredients with a whisk to make a creamy soup.
      • It doesn't take as long a time as you'd think to whip cream with a whisk.
      • Using an electric whisk if you have one (if not, a hand whisk, a wooden spoon or even a fork will do) start to mix the egg into the flour.
      • Meanwhile, put the yolks in a mixing bowl and, whisking vigorously (an electric whisk is best), add the 1 tbsp of reduced vinegar.
      • Using a hand-held electric whisk, cream together the butter and caster sugar until light and fluffy.
      • Swap the whisk for a wooden spoon as it thickens, and continue stirring occasionally for 5 to 10 min over medium heat.
      • Place the egg and egg yolks with the sugar and cornflour in a heatproof bowl and beat until creamy and fluffy using an electric whisk.
      • Cool until lukewarm then beat with a whisk or electric beaters until creamy.
      • Gradually add the strained liquid, gently using a whisk to incorporate until smooth.
      • Using a balloon whisk or small hand-held electric whisk, whisk slowly and steadily until the mixture starts to turn a pale cream colour.
      • Use either a hand mixer, blender or whisk to beat the hot chocolate until it's frothy.
      • With a clean whisk, beat the egg white till it stands stiff then fold into the mascarpone.
      • Make the dressing by mixing the yoghurt, tahini paste and olive oil in a blender or with a small whisk.

    • 1.2(small brush)

      escobilla femenino
      • The nazir gave me a giraffe-tail fly whisk when I left.
      • The Kongo quickly adapted European technology that they found useful: the Kongo king substituted an exotic horse tail for the elephant tail he had used as his own personal fly whisk.
      • Seated on a figured rug, supported by a wooden armrest, he holds a fly whisk in one hand to signify his authority.
      • Objects surround the two uniforms: a mop for the cleaner; a fly whisk, medicine containers, and a drum for the nanga.
      • If you're nostalgic for gin slings, parasols and fly whisks, the White House Rose Garden was the place to be last week.

    • 1.3fly whisk

      matamoscas masculino

  • 2

    sacudida femenino
    with a whisk of its tail de un coletazo
    • You see it all in a whisk.