Traducción de whisper en Español:


cuchichear, v.

Pronunciación /ˈwɪspə//ˈ(h)wɪspər/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (person) cuchichear
    stop whispering! ¡déjense de cuchichear!
    • As she lay dying she managed to whisper a description of her attacker to the detective who found her.
    • So I just whisper it under my breath instead, which works out fine.
    • A blond girl giggled softly as a boy whispered into her ear, his arm around her shoulders.
    • He wanted to speak beautiful words, whispering sonnets of his own design into her ear.
    • Sam managed to whisper in his ear before she felt she would be taken over by tears again.
    • His eyes dart around and he whispers as he speaks as if what he's telling me is top secret.
    • The guys took a deep breath, whispered a prayer to the Lord above and opened their mouths to sing.
    • She kneeled down next to him, clutched his throat and whispered a severe warning to him.
    • He barely managed to whisper his response into the receiver.
    • I practically whispered, my throat constricting and my eyes bright with unshed tears.
    • Gaffle raised a hand to Pintom's ear and whispered a short conversation.
    • The sergeant managed to whisper something in Leila's ear that was faint to both Daniel's and Lance's own hearing.
    • In the mountains, the marines whisper to each other rather than talk: voices carry easily up here and they don't want to give themselves away to their enemy.
    • She can speak English but prefers to whisper in my ear rather than talking out loud in the noisy bar area.
    • Finally, Martin managed to whisper in my ear that he loved me and boarded the plane.
    • Struggling for a last breath, he whispered the first thing that came to his mind.
    • I swallowed the lump that had gathered in my throat and whispered the words back.
    • I tried to whisper something under my breath but the teacher heard me and asked what I said.
    • On the second day she whispered when she spoke, not wanting to wake her.
    • Other diners are dotted around, whispering in conversation in reverence to the food.
  • 2literario

    (wind/leaves) susurrar literario
    • She listened to the soft calling of the birds and the wind whispering through the trees.
    • Roots burrow under my feet and leaves whisper to each other from opposite sides of the valley.
    • The breeze whispered through the trees and swept Cat's long hair back from her face.
    • She felt like the wind whispering through the trees, but was nothing more than a shadow.
    • A cool wind was rising, causing the leaves to whisper against each other, their glossy darkness shimmering.
    • Everything looked pale gray in the moonlight, and a slight breeze made the grasses whisper around me.
    • Melina's horse walked on the path as all around her the forest whispered with the wind.
    • The wind whispered through her hair and brought back memories of the day she met Connor.
    • Just as a lonely boat drifted into the next bay, the wind whispered softly in her ear…
    • The wind whispered through the trees, calling out to her in words.
    • The wind was whispering quietly in the trees, which were illuminated by a half hidden full moon.
    • The birds were singing and even the soft breeze whispered in his ears, all helping to make the discomforting dream fade away.
    • The wind made the trees sway and whisper their stories.
    • The sun was now below the horizon and the evening breeze whispered around me.
    • The flowers swayed in the breeze and the grass and leaves whispered with them.
    • It was really there, a wind that whispered to him like a lone siren singing her song.
    • The waves pounded below, and the wind whispered in from the ocean, jostling the lone pine that grew stunted from the rocky soil.
    • I feel like growling, packing a bag and heading for a remote desert island where only the wind bothers to whisper.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (say quietly)
    (words/remark) susurrar
    she whispered the answer in my ear me dijo la respuesta al oído
    • to whisper sth to sb susurrarle algo / decirle algo al oído a algn
  • 2

    it is whispered that … se rumorea que …
    • Still, it was whispered that she had the gift of second sight.
    • It was whispered that these people were paid handsomely for crimes that could not be traced.
    • When the original SMiLE sessions were taking place, it was whispered that the material was far too bizarre to be released.
    • It was whispered that they spent all their time locked up at the Business School, frantically running from one lecture or work group to the next.
    • It was whispered that government research continued at a nearby secret mountain complex where Special Ops field agents were trained.


  • 1

    (soft voice)
    susurro masculino
    yes, he said in a whisper —sí —susurró / dijo en voz baja
    • they spoke in whispers hablaban cuchicheando / en susurros
    • ‘I suffered with the people,’ she said, her voice sinking to a whisper.
    • In a voice soft as a whisper, fine as silk, and barely recognizable, she asked, ‘Is it a trick?’
    • My uncle and mother were arguing, their voices held in hushed whispers.
    • A friend suggests, ‘When you feel like shouting, drop your voice to a whisper.’
    • I awoke to the hushed whispers of several voices; it was becoming very difficult to breath and it was stifling hot.
    • His voice was but a whisper and my recovering ears just registered the word.
    • She touched the ruby lightly as she spoke, her voice nearing a whisper with every word spoken.
    • Her voice was barely a whisper but the words echoed in her head like a jackhammer.
    • ‘I would never hurt you, Cole,’ he said again, his voice barely a whisper.
    • Juliet replied, her voice softer than a whisper.
    • During the last few words, Nathan's voice dropped to a whisper.
    • Geraldine's tone of voice lowered to a whisper.
    • ‘Oh my word,’ she gasped, her voice barely a whisper.
    • Mr Robinson passed out because of the smoke, has severely impaired lungs and a voice box so badly damaged he can barely raise his voice above a whisper.
    • Then she too heard it, the snapping of a twig, and the whispers of voices.
    • His voice was a whisper, the words forced out in one breath.
    • I know something unpleasant happened to her, but I was only a small child and when I was around adult voices turned into whispers.
    • Then I heard whispers and lowered voices and then footsteps.
    • Tall and owl-eyed, he speaks in a voice barely above a whisper at his spacious flat in a bourgeois neighbourhood of Rome.
    • She kept hearing soft voices and whispers in her mind.
  • 2

    rumor masculino
    there's a whisper/there are whispers going around that … se rumorea que …
    • Rumours and whispers were circulating last night that he had been on an all day bender since 7am that morning!
    • They existed as unsung heroes, their deeds of chivalry no more than whispers and rumours among the populace.
    • By now, the release of a Catherine Breillat film is a ritual: whispers of scandal give way to full-blown outrage and a polarized critical reception.
    • So, once again, we're into the world of whispers and sources, rumours, winks and knowing nods.
    • After that win there were the same whispers that Campbell had reported at the Olympics.
    • The same pattern followed: rumours, whispers, a nudge and wink, but very little in the way of hard evidence to back up theories that ‘they were all at it’.
    • And yet, there are hints and whispers of a brave new phenomenon in the modelling industry.
    • There was a rumour, a whisper, of a deeper malaise in the state.
    • Already depressed about his marriage, the whispers and false rumours saw Temple plunge into despair, and ultimately suicide.
    • The hints and whispers pointed ever more to Kelly, who friends say believed his name would be kept out of the row.
    • Downstairs, the servants are closer to the underbelly of society, the whispers and the rumours.
    • None of the allegations, hints and whispers lead anywhere.
    • Hints and whispers had been emerging for months that something was on the cards.
    • Everywhere she walked, she was accompanied by rumours and whispers.
    • The game was evenly poised and the stand was full of rumours and whispers of the developing situation at Mansfield Park.
    • The crowd's reaction was a mixture of whispers and excited gossip about the newly discovered relative.
    • He added: ‘There have been rumours and whispers, but I can say there will be no pay and display parking in Radcliffe.’
    • So there are hints, whispers, rumours, emails and questions but, significantly, no answers.
    • Nevertheless, there have been whispers of scandal.
    • It was just whispers at first, reminiscent of those early rumours that eventually coalesced into the late-lamented National Post.
  • 3literario

    (of wind, leaves)
    murmullo masculino literario
    susurro masculino literario
    • The only sound is the faint whisper of the air-conditioning.
    • It came as silently as a whisper of the wind.
    • It was not a sound either; Ayame was certain it was impossible to hear anything above the soft whispers of the wind and the rush of the water against the shore.
    • The tide was just going out, so the whole beach was calm, not even a whisper of a breeze.
    • As the Ladies in Waiting gently assisted the queen on to the wharf there was a whisper of sound like the folds of her dress, like the rustle of dry leaves in a soft wind.
    • There was no sound besides the light whisper of the breeze.
    • For a while the only sound was the hushed whisper of the passing river.
    • The only sound inside was the soft whisper of dust against the shields.
    • In the distant night, a whisper of sound caught Yuen's attention.
    • Smiling silently, she listened to the whisper of the wind.