Traducción de whist en Español:


whist, n.

Pronunciación /(h)wɪst//wɪst/


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    (juego de naipes) whist masculino
    • In the twentieth century, bridge has displaced whist as the most popular card game internationally among serious card players.
    • The whist starts at 9.15 pm and score cards are £3 for adults and £2 for juveniles.
    • The Narrator compares playing card games such as whist to using analytical powers of the human mind.
    • For example, when whist became popular in 18th-century England, players in the Portland Club agreed on a set of house rules for use on its premises.
    • Players are reminded that whist continues each Sunday evening, commencing at 9 pm.
    • If it had not been for Kennedy, Pamela, and Captain Pellew coming to play whist the last few days, he thought he would surely go insane.
    • Top score at Newtown whist on Saturday was won by Michael Ferris, Castlecomer Ladies Margaret Brennan and Mary Warren.
    • It is based on whist and unlike many whist games is probably best suited for 3 players.
    • Chess is bound down by ‘fanciful’ rules that do not test the true powers of an analytical mind, as whist does.
    • The weekly whist held on Monday's in the Day Care Centre is always eagerly awaited.
    • You can't play tennis on your own, or chess or whist or poker.
    • Because Grabowski hated to play cards they were forced into three-handed whist.
    • He turned his gaze back to Sarah and her friends who were quietly indulging themselves in a game of whist whilst the party was in full swing around them.
    • I was wondering if you would join us in a game of whist.
    • After abandoning poker we moved onto knockout whist.
    • My preferred game is poker but last night we played contract whist.