Traducción de white en Español:


blanco, adj.

Pronunciación /(h)waɪt//wʌɪt/

adjetivowhiter, whitest

  • 1

    (coat/car/paint/cat) blanco
    (chocolate/sugar/wine/bread) blanco
    (grapes) blanco
    (fish/meat) blanco
    (coffee/tea) con leche
    she had a white wedding se casó de blanco
    • The white wine is from his wife Catherine's family vineyard in South Africa.
    • This September several of the stalks have bloomed with pretty white flowers that have a very nice scent.
    • He had blond hair and was wearing a light coloured jacket, white trousers and black shoes.
    • With white wines they progress from almost water clear when young, to gold and amber in old age.
    • On good days, it could also smell like a hot steam iron on a fresh white sheet.
    • She saw treetops covered in white snow, which glistened and sparkled in the light of the sun.
    • The bright lights reflect off the white tiles and the mirrors and hurt my skin.
    • It has become a bit famous in recent years for its white wines, especially chenin blanc.
    • These are made of white toast with their crusts cut off, and are filled with smoked salmon and prawn mayonnaise.
    • Just don't ask for a white coffee - you'll get condensed milk already in the cup, urgh.
    • This is achieved by pressing the red grapes rapidly to produce white wine without a trace of colour.
    • I made a loaf of white soda bread and a batch of cheese scones for lunch on Saturday.
    • Today, as usual, he would eat a bowl of muesli with extra sugar and two pieces of white toast, coated in apricot jam.
    • If you do not like the Indian version then you get nasty white toast and bright red jam that tastes like bubble gum.
    • For the broth, in a medium saucepan over medium heat, simmer the white wine for one minute.
    • This splendidly frisky Italian white wine from Piedmont is made from the Cortese grape.
    • The main ingredient in French bread is white flour, which has very little nutritional value.
    • If a glass of dry white retsina transports you and your palate back to the sun-kissed beaches of Greece, well, okay.
    • At the moment, it is festooned with masses of clusters of white flowers which give a thick, heady scent.
    • For lunch I like corned beef, white rice and fried onions, which I've eaten for as long as I can remember.
    • On the floors were white ceramic tiles that reflected the fluorescent lights overhead.
    • Do not wear white socks with dark-colored dress shoes.
    • Begin with an aperitif such as a glass of chilled white port.
    • Place the cleaned mussels and clams into a large pan and pour over the white wine.
    • He was wearing a black jacket with white reflection marks, dark blue jeans and trainers.
    • I smiled at my reflection and my pearly white teeth were visible and stood out from my tanned face.
    • She was still smiling when she carried the two white coffees up the rickety wooden stairs.
    • The slices of thick, airy, white loaf with burnt crusts lathered in creamy butter were completely moreish.
    • Buy different types of bread from a baker's instead of flabby sliced white loaves.
    • You can also, while they last, have granary or white crusty rolls or sliced bread.
    • Adults are black except for white wing linings visible when the birds are soaring.
    • Some is made with red grapes in the same way as still rosé, but most by mixing a little red wine into white champagne.
    • We drank flat white coffees, and Ray noticed me looking at the blurry blue tattoo on his forearm.
    • The sun shines in the sky, which is bright blue with a few pearl white clouds hovering above.
    • The light reflected off my white lab coat as it billowed behind my thin frame.
    • I always ate white rice until I read that you can sustain yourself on brown rice alone.
    • White bran does not impart the bitter taste associated with red bran.
    • I also had to give up white and wheat flour because they block the digestive process.
    • Contemporary palates, myself included, view sauvignon as one of the most useful white wines in the rack.
    • Brighten up a plain white bathroom with these fresh colours from Dulux.
    • New England, with its little white fences, glittering snow and bare trees was beautiful!
    • For all that, Grossman drinks more white wine than red, partly because he eats a lot of fish and vegetarian food.
    • Pinot Gris seems to have come out of nowhere to be the trendy white wine in New Zealand and overseas.
    • We ordered glasses of white Lillet, a sweet French apéritif wine from Bordeaux.
    • He then suggested that we start the tasting session with a white wine.
    • Among white wines, Chardonnay stands up better to being boxed than most grape varieties.
    • I'm off to the supermarket later to clear the shelves of white sliced bread and tins of baked beans.
    • I snack on tons of Inarizushi - it's white rice stuffed inside sweetened tofu wrapping.
    • When allowed to warm close to room temperature, it is one of the finest white wines I have ever had.
    • I would generally allow about one kilo for two generous helpings and serve with crusty bread and chilled crisp white muscadet.
    • Another way of creating the impression of large spaces is to have light colour or white flooring.
    • Nihan pointed out a popular dish where a raw egg is mixed with hot white rice and soy sauce.
    • Whisk the white wine, rum, sugar, lemon and orange zest and lemon and orange juice together in a bowl.
    • The lone winds teased the white drifts of snow into the air, reminding me oddly of Fantasia.
    • Perched on a tiny, tear-shaped island in the middle of the lake sat a small, white church shrouded in trees.
    • The instruments are also more distinctive, black figures on white background and very clear too.
    • A basket full of warm, fluffy-soft, white French bread heralded the meal.
    • And what sauvignon blanc does for white wines, cabernet sauvignon can do for reds.
    • The bedspread was white as snow, the pillow large and fluffy, the room screamed spring.
  • 2

    • 2.1(pale)

      he went white (with fear/shock/anger) se puso blanco / pálido (de miedo/susto/rabia)
      • He span in his chair, and his old and rugged face was white with fear.
      • Wait, there he was leaning against a tree, looking as white and shaken as everyone else.
      • He looked awful - he was paper white, even his lips, and he had dark shadows under his eyes.
      • His face was white with fear and his eyes were wide and panicked.
      • Cautiously, he rolled her over to find her face pale, deathly white, and covered with blood.
      • Her face was as white as snow, and her hair as black as ink, and her lips as red as the blood on her gravestone.
      • His color had gone from grey to milky white, and it was almost as if he were writhing in pain.
      • White scars stood prominently out against her tanned skin.
      • I'm usually the poor sap sitting right next to her who is white with fear.
      • I looked to my father and was stricken at how white his lips were.
      • But Melissa did not go white with fear.
      • Some had mist-filled eyes while many a countenance went white as a sheet of paper.
      • Tightening her grasp on the tray until her knuckles turn white, Rena suddenly nods.
      • Marc dressed in black, looking thin as a rake and white as a sheet.
      • He sees me looking at him, turns pale white, and runs over to the room.
      • His knuckles were white from the tight grip he had had on his sheets and pillow.
      • Two days later Jacek comes running into the house, his face white.
      • I saw Chris's knuckles turn white from his tight grip on the steering wheel.
      • However, that wasn't what had made him go white with fear.
      • Kay's face turned pale white, so white that she looked like a ghost.

    • 2.2(Caucasian)

      white man blanco masculino
      • Imagine the uproar had a white European leader demanded the removal from power of anyone with Indian origins.
      • The Pass Laws meant that everyone had to carry an ID card which indicated whether they were white, coloured or black.
      • Stofile claimed there was a perception that they looked at granting amnesty only to white perpetrators.
      • The ten commissioners, five of whom are white and five black, voted along colour lines.
      • The car driver was white, wore glasses and had a chubby build.
      • There may be people in England and Wales who refer to white South Africans as Africans but I would not expect them to be numerous.
      • Most participants were white Europeans who were being treated by their general practitioner.
      • The intruder was described as being a clean shaven white male with glasses and around 55 years old.
      • Two of the survivors are white European and the rest are mainland Chinese nationals.
      • A different reaction or argument of white Southerners in respect to recent events in the South is bewilderment.
      • Are there things that a White woman can do to get ahead in the workplace that you think a Black woman never could do?
      • Why is it that almost everything in my home was invented by a white, mostly European male?
      • His passenger was white, with fair skin and hair that was shaved at the back.
      • As a person born with white skin, I do not pretend to speak on behalf of people of colour.
      • She called for the Asian and white communities to pull together and support her.
      • Nearly all the nation's 4000 white farmers have been served with forfeiture notices.
      • Lee apparently had enough money to hire an expensive white lawyer and served only a short jail term.
      • In the colonial context, the camera wielded by white Europeans was an intrusive weapon of domination.
      • Obviously, that old-fashioned confidence primarily belongs to the white middle class.
      • No longer can the elite class be categorized homogenously as white and European.


  • 1

    blanco masculino
    she was married in white se casó de blanco
    • Rays of pure red and white flew off in random directions, leaving only a vivid rose.
    • Patriotic colours of red, navy and white as well as pastel tweeds were striking.
    • She slid it open and the first colour she saw was white, a stark, blinding white.
    • In reality, it's better to mix white with shades of ivory, almond, ecru and tan.
    • Erial, as was her wont, chose mostly whites and other pale, unobtrusive colours.
    • Black dominates the whole collection, but red, beige and white are also prominent throughout.
    • In my dreams, his hair and skin tone are the same as mine, except he has no purple pigments embedded in his pallid white.
    • So I've stripped out the colours and reverted to plain black on white.
    • My husband said ‘no’ because we've got to stick to the club colours of black and white.
    • They oppose it with tint, which is the opposite process of adding white to a colour, to desaturate it.
    • In daylight, the human brain reacts more quickly to fluorescent colours than any other shade-even white.
    • Instead they decided to defer the matter to give the park time to change the colour scheme to all white to make it look less conspicuous.
    • Shocking half-page pictures in colour and black and white underline the story throughout.
    • In spring the fritillaries flower, turning the meadow into a mass of purple and white.
    • There are no vegetables, and in fact the plate is colourless beyond the eerie white of these Polish dumplings.
    • A couple of weeks ago, when I changed the colour scheme of this site to red and white, England won.
    • The vases in this collection come in midnight black and pristine white.
    • Ivory seems to be the colour most brides-to-be are favouring as white may be a little stark in terms of matching accessories.
    • The ceiling was a soft rosy color and the floor was tiled in sky blue and white.
    • Smitty is very experienced, not only in diving but in life, as the flecks of white in his beard attest.
  • 2White

    blanco masculino
    blanca femenino
  • 3

    • 3.1(of egg)

      clara femenino
      • Crispy fried noodle threads and minced peppers add crunch; sieved egg yolks and whites add softness.
      • You apparently mustn't have any yolk in the white if you are going to whisk it successfully.
      • Later, he decided that the result was improved if the yolk and white were cooked separately.
      • To make the custard, separate the eggs and whisk the vanilla sugar into the yolks (save the whites for meringues).
      • Rather than stovetop stirring, you stabilize the souffle by beating sugar into the egg yolks and whites separately.
      • Combine the egg yolks and whites and fold them carefully together.
      • Lightly whisk one-quarter of the whites into the custard to loosen it slightly, then carefully fold in the remainder.
      • I brought in 64 eggs, separated the yolks from the whites and had the students varnish their paintings using haki brushes.
      • Separate the eggs, putting the yolks and whites into separate large bowls.
      • Cool and peel the eggs, reserving the yolks and discarding the whites.
      • Six whites and one yolk yield 24 g of protein and 6 g of fat, much of it healthy.
      • Add 4 egg yolks (saving the whites for later) and thoroughly incorporate.
      • When you make the meringue, ensure you pour the syrup on to the egg whites while still hot, then it will ‘cook’ the whites and blow up into a dense, airy foam.
      • Put the fish stock and tomato sauce into a large saucepan with crushed shells and whites of four eggs.
      • Suddenly dozens of eggs fell from the basket and smashed into a puddle of yolks and whites as he shifted the pole from one shoulder to the other.
      • Cook the eggs long enough to solidify the whites, but the yolks remain somewhat runny.
      • Carefully crack your six eggs so that the raw yolks and whites are arranged fairly evenly inside the pastry-lined dish.
      • You may be used to eating the whites and discarding the yolks, but skip that step during pregnancy because the yolks provide extra calories, Vitamin D and folic acid.
      • When the whites congeal, just spoon some water over the yellow yolks and the albumen will turn white, and you have your runny eggs.
      • The whole thing is then cooked again to harden the whites around the yolk.

    • 3.2(of eye)

      blanco masculino
      • They looked like normal people until you saw their eyes, completely black, no whites or irises.
      • Jo looked up, the whites of her eyes visible under the moon.
      • Viral conjunctivitis can spread to the cornea, the white of the eye.
      • In some people, the white of the eye can be seen above the iris at all times.
      • The whites of his eyes were large in my view and surrounding two jet black preternatural pupils unlike any I had seen before.
      • His eyes, though still inhumanly brilliant, bore smaller irises and more pronounced whites - just like Arun's own.
      • His eyes were wide, with the whites visible so starkly against his skin, and he was pushing his other hand onto his mouth, tightly, until the knuckles turned pale.
      • Inflammation causes small blood vessels in the conjunctiva to become more prominent, resulting in a pinkish or reddish cast to the whites of your eyes.
      • You half expect to see orange dimpled leather instead of eye whites when you look at him, but there is nothing robotic about him.
      • When the liver is affected by hepatitis, it is unable to process the bilirubin and raised levels in the blood cause the whites of the eyes to go yellow and urine to become dark.
      • This causes yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes, darkening of the urine and pale clay coloured stools.
      • This is characterised by broken blood vessels on the whites of the eyes and in the skin.
      • The absence of pigment in the human sclera (the whites of the eyes) highlights the iris and thereby enhances the interpretation of eye movements.
      • You could only see the whites of her eyes and she was red hot.
      • The conjunctiva is a thin lining that covers the whites of the eyes and the insides of the eyelids.
      • The gray pupils are glazed and the yellowed whites are striated with red.

  • 4whites plural

    • 4.1(laundry)

      ropa blanca femenino
      • Adults can wear either chef whites, company uniform, fancy dress or sports gear.
      • One fine Saturday afternoon in Cape Town in April, Graeme Smith, the lantern-jawed South African cricket captain, pulled on his whites and strode out on to the turf.
      • Other uniform combinations included dress whites, dress blue pants with the Ike jacket, and dress blues in winter.
      • Suddenly, the chef, appears in his whites and says ‘shut up and eat!’
      • Wash whites separately; light and medium colors together; and brights and darks by themselves.
      • The foundation provided him with new cricket whites, boots, gloves, pads, anew bat, a helmet, six balls and a cricket bag.
      • Chef Passot was out saying goodnight in his whites, somehow more pristine than our crumbed and wine-smudged selves.
      • They swapped their cricket whites for oversized army helmets to pose as diggers in a re-enactment of a 1915 photograph.
      • Nylon whites should be washed separately to avoid graying.
      • He walked through our cars in fresh whites with his tall chef's hat asking how we liked the meal.
      • Stewart, aged 16, is thrilled to own a set of chef's knives, a sparkling set of whites and a chef's hat.
      • An all-girl choir, dressed in cricket whites, rendered powerful and moving songs of praise and gratitude.
      • Literally and metaphorically, Lenny was everywhere, attending to every minute organisational detail and then getting into the ring in whites as a ref.
      • Americans, in fact, could have ended up staying in striped caps and cricket whites.
      • Hunter was standing at a commercial sized stove, dressed in chef whites, with an apron wrapped around his slim waist.
      • The MPs will don tall chefs' hats and traditional whites and toss pancakes in the air as they run.
      • You know the one I mean, the one where the guys all wore cricket whites and the women all had flowery dresses that button up the front.
      • Separate the light colors from the dark ones and try to wash whites separately.
      • Rush's portrait shows Warne in cricket whites tossing up a ball in the air.
      • A daring university student dressed in cricket whites, pads and a helmet gave an innovative spin to the concept of pitch invasion.

    • 4.2British

      he was in tennis/cricket whites llevaba el equipo blanco de tenis/cricket

  • 5

    blanco masculino
    • Sweeter whites, like Rieslings or Gewuerztraminers, are well suited to big, smoky flavors.
    • Bordeaux whites, based on Sauvignon Blanc and sometimes blended with Semillon, are crisp and dry but usually not overtly herbaceous.
    • For the great sweet Bordeaux whites, you need Sauternes of similar status and you go to d' Yquem, where they don't do red.
    • Semillon brings a lush texture to dry whites while Sauvignon Blanc brings an herbal raciness - a terrific combination.
    • The ripe, peachy La Mancha white displays lots of apple and pear-scented fruit.
    • The purity of these wines can be lost, or if you prefer diluted, in a blend, which is why most wine hacks like varietal whites, but drink blended reds.
    • You will need bold summer food to cope with this sweet, hefty, toasty, nutty white.
    • There are four wine lists - two for reds, two for whites, divided into Spanish and foreign - and more than 700 wines, lots of which may be drunk by the glass.
    • I love big Italian red wines and New Zealand whites.
    • This honeyed, concentrated, sweet and sour style white is perfect with this dish.
    • Made by a winery that makes great wines at every price point, this is a restrained, citrus fruity white.
    • Ultimately, his efforts produced a good dry red and a solid dry white from a full range of wines from the estate.
    • In general, Aussie reds are easy and lush while their whites (primarily Chardonnay and Semillon) are big and round.
    • Lighter foods, such as grilled fish, work best with more delicate whites such as Sauvignon Blanc or a light Chardonnay.
    • The main varietals in Chile are Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Cabernet, Merlot and Carmenere for reds.
    • Although Bordeaux is best known for its red wines, the region produces excellent whites, particularly the sweet Sauternes.
    • Her other two whites are both Chardonnays, one from Burgundy and one from California's Sonoma Valley.
    • We ordered a glass of house medium white for me, an apple juice for Lili.
    • At £19.75, it was the best white that the wine list had to offer, which some might see as a lack of ambition in the cellar.
    • We tasted a wide range of wines, from a sparkler to whites to reds to a very nice little semisparkler for dessert.
  • 6

    (in board games)
    • 6.1(piece)

      blanca femenino
      • After this White's position is very bad because his pieces are so poorly placed for the middle-game.

    • 6.2White(player)

      white: Karpov blancas: Karpov
      • and white resigned y las blancas abandonaron