Traducción de white-hot en Español:


al rojo blanco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌ(h)waɪt ˈhɑt//ˌwʌɪtˈhɒt/


  • 1

    (metal) al rojo blanco
    (intensity/performance) candente
    • They calmly evacuated the vehicle moments it became a white-hot inferno.
    • It ranges from white-hot rage and prayer to ecstasy and consolation.
    • Suddenly that brilliant white-hot coal turned completely black.
    • He also appears to be a streak player, because he can be white-hot for a month or two and then disappear for the next month or two.
    • Though it may not burn as white-hot as his earlier films, several sequences are as powerful as anything he did back in his prime.
    • Then there is the relentless pull from the white-hot Chinese economy on Taiwanese trade and investment.
    • It was white-hot lightning, the fire at the core of a newborn star, but it wasn't enough.
    • Molten metal flows in a white-hot stream into the giant cast for one of York Minster's six new bells.
    • Both of them have a white-hot intensity and a concentration that command the listener's attention.
    • But directors are finally waking up to the idea of him as a serious actor, rather than a Welsh scarecrow fuelled by white-hot energy.
    • TV is supposed to be a cool medium, but Rather often managed to find himself in the white-hot heat of controversy.
    • Waste management has been a white-hot issue in Galway for some time.
    • Steel furnishings and aluminum plane parts were torn into white-hot shrapnel.
    • Huge flares shot out across the water, showering the surface in a fountain of white-hot sparks.
    • One hundred kilometres of fire and white-hot plasma erupted from the station.
    • At least, away from the white-hot atmosphere of the Celtic match, he would be able to make himself useful.
    • Competition is white-hot in the portable digital music market.
    • Celtic manager Martin O'Neill has urged his players to keep their cool in the white-hot atmosphere of the Old Firm derby at Ibrox.
    • His style is not our style, but there are times when his white-hot rage is entirely appropriate.
    • The engine ignited under the missile, a blaze of white-hot fire and with an ear-cracking roar.