Traducción de white Christmas en Español:

white Christmas

navidades blancas, n.


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    navidades blancas femenino
    navidades con nieve femenino
    • The Boston snow indicator is a market theory that posits that a white Christmas in Boston will cause stock prices to climb.
    • I got what I wanted for Christmas that year; a white Christmas, and also time spent with my Great-Grandma Storace.
    • For it to be deemed a white Christmas, at least one flake of snow has to fall on the roof of the London weather centre.
    • No white Christmas this year - the snow we got a few days ago has all since melted.
    • It hasn't snowed yet, but I'm always hoping for a white Christmas.
    • And every year many of us can't help wishing for a white Christmas, even if it's 70 degrees outside.
    • And while there's certainly no point in dreaming of a white Christmas - from the looks of it Chennai isn't even going to get a wet Christmas - it still is the season to be jolly.
    • Banks of fake snow were created to give the impression of a white Christmas for its advert ‘Christmas Card’ which will be premiered in Cork today.
    • While many people may have wished for a white Christmas, with pretty snow blanketing the countryside, it was not to be this year.
    • One bookmaker suspended betting on a white Christmas, as forecasters maintained it was just a question of where, rather than if, there would be snow on December 25.
    • Weather forecasters suggest there is a good chance of a white Christmas across the district, with a fresh cold snap predicted to begin on Friday and continue over the holiday weekend.
    • The ad is a series of picture-perfect scenes - or as its title suggests, Christmas cards - of the first flickers of a white Christmas morning in Ireland.
    • ‘The kids absolutely loved it, it was like a white Christmas in September for them,’ Five-Dock mother of three Julia Illis said.
    • Dreaming of a white Christmas has become a national obsession and weather experts are predicting a cold snap that could see the Lake District swathed in snow over the festive period.
    • ‘It's going to be wet pretty much throughout the country,’ said a weather spokeswoman, ruling out a white Christmas in Britain.
    • The people of Abbeyleix awoke on Christmas morning to an unexpected white Christmas.
    • Aberdeen was the first city to see a white Christmas, with a couple of inches of snow covering the ground early in the morning.
    • With Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales also expecting snow, Ladbrokes are estimating a white Christmas could cost the industry £1 million.
    • My American traditions include Thanksgiving dinner, white Christmases, fireworks on the fourth of July, and so on.
    • Mexicans love the magic, Japanese kids empathise with Harry's school woes and Australians like Hogwarts' white Christmases.